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Day 5 - Our Health Journey

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Good morning. It looks pretty bland outside today. Like it's thinking about raining, and the tide is not out, but I love the rain and storms. So I'm writing before I do my run because I've been so excited to talk to you about something.


Over the years of life, I've been one of those who didn't have to worry about weight gain. I was extremely active and could eat anything and not gain weight. Plus, I just thought about how much I preferred to weigh, went to sleep, woke up, and there that number was on the scale.

You've known people like that or have been one of those in your youth? My friends told me they hated me - lovingly. I hope.

When Breck got sick, and we spent a lot of time in cancer-clinics - towards the end - stress, grief, fear, and hospital food became my Achilles hill. A lot more happened, and the weight snuck on until COVID hit. Thirty pounds of depression and anxiety grabbed onto my body, and wouldn't let go. Until now. To release that weight, it will take a "TON" of effort.

Now I'm working hard to figure out how to get back my girlish figure. Dancing with the Celebrity Stars gave me the incentive. Medical Medium gave me the way. Knowing you all who have successfully taken off weight before me has gives me some great ideas:

  1. Zach Schultes lost over fifty-plus pounds over the past couple of months by following the Morning Cleanse and using water to curb appetites. Water, water, water. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. He gets hungry - he drinks water. He gets tired - he drinks water. He eats better too because when you are hydrated - you aren't as interested in junk food.

  2. May Savvin at Fitness Norfolk is losing fat and building muscle by her workouts and training others. She's plant-based and counts calories to stay on track. She's always smiling and cheering others on.

  3. Jackie Clemons at Float (and Massage) Norfolk does celery juice and other Medical Medium suggestions. She works with energy medicine (Zyto/EVOX) to train the mind/body to release pounds. She's serious about helping you with your emotional family patterns.

  4. Dana Mace uses several of the Medical Medium ideas for herself and her busy family. She finds that the OPTIVIA weight loss program works well.

  5. Dru McElligott likes the Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie, taking YOGA classes, and chases six kids all day. The older kids aren't fans of celery juice (neither is she) but smoothies are everyone's favorites along with bananas and blue-berries. It's amazing how kids LOVE fruit.

  6. Jesse Mace grows his greens and vegetables. He makes a kale smoothie fresh from the garden every morning - and works out at the Fire Department. He manages to keep his boyish figure and stay vital for his job of saving lives.

  7. Christopher McElligott is a great gourmet cook who does boxing and running to stay in shape for the National Guard.

  8. What are you doing to keep the weight off? I would love to add your name to this list. Your story inspires others.


If you struggle with weight, aging, lack of energy, fighting dis-eases, you aren't alone. Join us today. The hardest part is making the decision to release weight or make healthy lifestyle changes, and taking the first step. After that? Easy-peasy. (mostly - ha)

  • Start with drinking 16-32 ounces of water in the AM, with lemon or lime.

  • Then 16-32 ounces of fresh celery juice (ONLY), do NOT add anything.

  • Then eat NO fats until after Noon, even if you think they are healthy fats.

  • After Noon - eat more salads (greens) and more CCC: Critical clean carbohydrates.

The best CLEANSE is the one you will do but the MONO MEAL CLEANSE is the easiest for me. I don't have to think about what to eat (it's only one thing); and I don't have to worry about when (you can eat this all day - every hour if you want.) Here's a page out of the LIVER RESCUE BOOK by the Medical Medium:

Mono eating: If you're really struggling digestively and you have serious hypersensitivities, you may not feel ready to try the Liver Rescue 3:6:9 that we're about to cover. Instead, you may want to try a technique I've recommended for decades called mono eating, in which you eat snacks and meals of only one food at a time. (The mono here refers to "one," not mononucleosis.)

For example, a day or more of eating only bananas and celery juice can benefit people who react very quickly to food-related symptoms. You could do a day of only papaya and celery juice. I've seen steamed potatoes (though not sweet potatoes).

Celery juice all day serves as one of the better options for people who have many unfriendly bacteria in their guts or whose intestinal tracts have been injured by food poisoning or stomach flu. You can even extend your mono eating for weeks or months until you recover your liver and intestinal tract.

Mono eating is not for everyone. It's for people who have had certain toxins created by certain viruses within the liver or who've gone through other digestive hardships that have given them unique intestinal and nervous system sensitivities.

The nerves attached to the intestinal walls can become hypersensitive and contribute to symptoms such as anxiety, bloating, and cramping, in addition to extreme discomfort when food passes through the digestive tract. For this group, mono eating can be tremendously helpful.

William, Anthony. Medical Medium Liver Rescue (p. 338). Hay House. Kindle Edition.

Mono Eating Options Here are the possibilities when choosing a mono eating plan. Read more about each of these options later in this chapter. Also, remember that whichever you choose, you'll start each day with celery juice as outlined above.

  • Banana (with optional lettuce)

  • Papaya (with optional lettuce)

  • Banana + papaya (with optional lettuce)

  • Steamed potatoes (with optional lettuce)

  • Steamed peas (with optional lettuce)

  • Steamed winter squash + steamed green beans, brussels sprouts, or asparagus (with optional lettuce)

William, Anthony. Medical Medium Cleanse to Heal (p. 190). Hay House. Kindle Edition.

Another successful day!
  • We woke up alive.

  • We can think about what we did yesterday and do it better today.

  • We are starting to feel a little lighter.

  • Motivation is at an all-time high.

  • Excitement is there.

  • How far can we walk today?

  • Eyes are clearer.

  • Skin looks better.

  • Energy and clarity is rising.



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