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Day 9 - Cancel-Cancel Journey

Today I woke up, pinched myself, and said, "YUP - I'm still here." Then I thought about how I can do better than yesterday.

I couldn't wait to connect with you, my friends, and share the incredible truths about how to lose weight, resist dis-ease, and be happy. I know these thoughts and experiences will keep you safe, well, and happy because they work for me.

Then I jumped on Facebook to see how you all are doing?

I was sad to read about so many serious prayer requests. Many people are suffering and drowning in pain, sorrow, loneliness, sickness, and in general, they wonder if anyone cares? One individual was reaching out to stop his suicide. Now that one is near and dear to my heart after working with so many veterans.

As a side note, I'm not a fan of Facebook because the people we have trusted, the ones who own it, have taken it upon themselves to divide us and violate our trust by censoring our uniqueness. But "pick your battles," and today, I want to talk about emotional balance.

How can we get some of that?

This is not easy but it is worth it, and it can be done with practice and building emotional muscles. We have to shake it off and fight for our lives. Fight for the lives of our children, our friends, and our country. We have to win and cannot lose. For me, the fight is more difficult when I'm overweight. But I've tried everything becoming more discouraged as I become heavier. Might sound silly to some of you, but it's true. It seems life is more difficult when I'm overweight - it's harder to move around, find clarity, or feel joy.

Guess who knows and takes advantage of those feelings?

The real bad guy here is Lucifer. Satan. The Devil. You know his name. And we all know his game. He works overtime to discourage us. He loves to cause anxiety. How? By destroying hope. Have you ever heard this in your head:

You can't lose weight. You are worthless. No one cares if you live or die. Why try? Look at so-and-so. They have it all. You have nothing. You are nothing. Go eat something comforting - you deserve it.

Blah, blah, blah. He's such a jerk. When these useless thoughts creep in, I've learned to say quickly and loudly (surprising those around me): "CANCEL CANCEL!" I learned this a long time ago. When my head starts going crazy with negative narratives, I say "cancel cancel!" This will shock me into paying attention and stop the madness long enough for me to make a better choice. Sometimes, when my outburst startles someone near by--it makes me laugh. Laughter is the greatest medicine.

So today I challenge you to add "cancel cancel" to your daily exercises and once again start your morning off with the Medical Medium Morning Cleanse. Do I sound like a broken record? Good. That means you are paying attention. Here it is again:

Now that you have cancel-canceled your negative thoughts - think about what causes anxiety which leads to negative thoughts, or vice-versa. HINT: Anxiety is not a lack of junk-food. I promise.

Me and Many Others.
It's a Jungle Out There
But Together - WE GOT THIS.
Cheers - to Celery Juice

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