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It's Not Easy Being Me ...



Are you confused, tired, overweight, frustrated, or discouraged? Any of the above? All of the above? Tried everything? Nothing works? All your go-to people and systems of the past just aren't going anywhere anymore? What's real? What's true? What to do?

You're not alone. I heard this morning that suicide is up 51%. What the heck?

On a lighter note, does this ever happen to you? You think of someone and the fact that you haven't heard from them in a while? Then out of the blue and all of a sudden, there they are? I thought of Scott McKay this morning, then suddenly, I got an email with a talk he just did.

Scott McKay With His Most Explosive Interview of All Time. Huge Intel Drop. (Video).:

Of course, I had to watch it. He interviewed a scientist who worked for Pfizer. Dr. Christina Rahm. She shared her wisdom and experience about how to be healthy and safe from all the bioweapons that have been released (vaccines, viruses, heavy metals, bacteria, 5G, chemicals, etc.). She and Scott talked about how you can't take care of yourself just one day out of the year. You have to do more than one day to get rid of these things in your body. She said it is possible to stay safe and protect yourself and your loved ones, but it has to be something you focus on every day. You care about your body more than a politician or a doctor. No one cares about your body as you do. You've got to love yourself enough to take care of your body. Put a security system in. "You are the Mayor of your City."

Wherever you go ... there you are. It takes time. It gets more challenging as we age. It isn't easy. It helps to understand that the age of your cells is not your actual age. At RENOVA Reset, we scan the individual to find the body's biological age. So, a 70-year-old man is really a 47-year-old man. A 74-year-old woman is really 17-years-old. (Whoa. It's obvious she did a lot of work for a long time. She actually teaches Yoga.). Another 47-year-old man is 90 years old. Which one do you want to be?

It takes time, but it's worth it. Here's my morning routine: I don't have victory every day, but I start with one day a week ... then another one day ... pushing towards many, many days. After a while, it's automatic, I'm feeling and looking great. By the way, my biological age is 50-years-old. Not bad for a 70-year-old me. Not as good as yoga-lady; but I'll take it, for now.

One of my clients said, "I can do this one day, but I don't think I can do it for a week."

I answered her, as I coach myself, "then do seven one days."

Once you make this a habit, it gets easier. Once you do it for a while, and then you don't, you'll feel bad (worse) and want to get back on track. Once you do this regularly, you can't go back. Your body won't let you.

Even when I think about eating something harmful (like potato chips or a steak), my liver starts hurting. Seriously. How cool is that? My liver is my conscious. When it starts "yelling" at me, I walk myself through the thoughts, "Do you really want to be up all night, feeling this pain ... having heartburn? Having to start over?"

Sometimes it's a "YES. You're not the boss of me." Sometimes, more often than not, it's a "No. I hate feeling like that." Is it worth it or not?

Here's what I shoot for daily:

Download PDF • 45KB

You are welcome to copy, use, modify, or ignore it. I'm not the boss of you ... I have enough trouble being the boss of me. Just know it isn't easy, we are in this together, and we can protect ourselves from all the toxins and bioweapons thrown at us.

Want something more simple? "Simply" eat organic raw honey every hour. (Kills cravings, addictions, and provides ENERGY. Sweet energy. From our good friend Anthony William :

"When you’re dealing with weakened immunity and feel like you’re extra susceptible to catching colds, flus, stomach bugs such as norovirus, and food poisoning, raw honey assists your body in keeping a strong first line of defense by strengthening neutrophils and macrophages so they can fight off pathogens. (It’s not yet documented by medical science that these and other white blood cells feed off of immune-stimulating phytochemicals.) These properties also make raw honey anti-inflammatory—because it inhibits pathogens from procreating and thus releasing toxins that elevate inflammation. Honey is truly medicine for our planet.


If you have any of the following conditions, try bringing raw honey into your life:

Sinus infections, ear infections, diabetes, hypoglycemia, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), allergies, sties, eye infections, MRSA, staph infections, mystery infertility, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), low reproductive system battery, insomnia, adrenal fatigue, colds, influenza, norovirus, all types of cancer, bipolor disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, all autoimmune diseases and disorders, parasites, food poisoning, respiratory infections, colds, influenza, bronchitis, laryngitis, thrush, etc."

Last night I steamed some potatoes, drenched honey all over them along with some coconut oil. Delicious!

Then add this: Simply, drink your 16 ounces of fresh celery juice on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, and AVOID Troublemakers that feed pathogens, viruses, and bacteria:

Try this: Simply start making and drinking your heavy metal detox smoothie often. These three things will change your life: (Honey, Celery Juice, and HMDS)

We can do this, especially together.


It's a Jungle Out There

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