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KISS - Focus on Health

We often hear the statement, "KEEP IT SIMPLE, SWEETIE," but no one ever does. Since mainstream medicine decided it might be essential to learn about nutrition and exercise, a few years ago, these topics have climbed to the top of the CONFUSING list. Then alternative medicine folks didn't help by offering their theories of how they think the body works and what it needs. They substitute supplement therapy for drug therapy. Not as invasive or extreme, but I'm a fan of "let FOOD be thy medicine," not substitutes. Supplements can be helpful but they are not food. This can make 'healthy choices' even more CONFUSING.

At the Renova Center, we have a myriad of therapists, businesses, devices, and modalities that can simply assist in healing the liver and killing off pathogens. Thousands of people have come through our doors over the years to learn how to heal, relax, rest, reset, and enjoy better health through nutrition, massage, floating, adjusting, exercising, and education regarding the truth about wellness and how the body works. We've had a blast learning along with everyone else and being blessed to work with many exceptional individuals.

KISS Parts II-VI tell you more about the "other" things we do at Renova and why we do them. You may have used or heard of some of our devices, but some of you haven't, and we would like you to know about them as possible benefits to your health journey. What you DON'T know might not hurt you, but it can't help you either.

Of course, you know about ZYTO and EVOX since I often talk about them. Half of the 200-plus blogs I've written teach about the benefits of using bio-communication for health. We recommend getting these scans first to learn your body's preferences for supplements, services, and emotional balancers: A road map to maneuver through wellness services.

You'll find some fascinating and fun "toys" inside the RESET suites. Each device/machine described is my favorite,

Your Renova journey begins with a scan to reveal unique health imbalances, why they are there, and how to balance them. It's a very personal and individualized wellness summary. It's about educating the mind, body, and spirit to know how to accomplish this on your own. So simple and safe a child can figure it out.

Our modern-day world on Planet Earth has complicated health and wellness. Understanding and knowing the foundation of becoming or staying well is simple. It involves only TWO areas of FOCUS:

  1. Focus on keeping the LIVER healthy; and

  2. Focus on killing PATHOGENS.

In my last BLOG, we learned about the LIVER and his importance to our well-being. It's all about the liver; "if he ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." Remember? We learned how to help him by giving him the right fuel, and avoiding Troublemakers.


One troublemaker that causes the most trouble by overloading the liver is PATHOGENS (viruses) and their viral waste matter. These troublemakers cause most dis-eases. Every dis-ease can be traced back to viruses, so it's essential to know the facts about them:

  1. Viruses are alive: they eat, poop, make virus babies, increase, and die. Their lives produce viral waste matter, which is VERY toxic and leads to more and often worse dis-eases.

  2. We need to stop feeding them. What do they eat? Heavy Metals (especially mercury, aluminum, and copper), Radiation, Chemicals, other viruses, and certain foods.

  3. We need to kill them. How? Starve them to death, and eat clean. In essence, they love toxic materials and lifestyles; and hate pure materials and clean lifestyles. A healthy liver kills viruses as well as removes their favorite foods. The liver is always on guard and works 24/7 to protect us from pathogens.

Wiping out the Troublemakers:

Reduce Radiation Exposure to make the LIVER'S job easier:

Reduce Chemicals: Read labels and avoid known toxic ingredients

Makes the LIVER'S job easier and starve pathogens/viruses.

Remove Heavy Metals by making and drinking this delicious smoothie:

Makes the Liver's job easier and starves viruses.

AVOID as soon as possible and always FOODS THAT FEED VIRUSES:

Makes the LIVER'S job easier and starves viruses.


Cleanses the LIVER, Kills Viruses


Favorite and Necessary Foods for the LIVER

SIMPLE, right? The KISS process.


It's a Jungle Out There

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