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KISS V - Nutrition

In prior "episodes" of KISS Blogs, we learned that there are two main focuses to the Art of Wellness

  1. The LIVER, and

  2. Pathogens.

In past episodes of KISS (keep it simple sweetie) blogs we examined the Renova Center, where we house a myriad of therapists, businesses, devices, and modalities that can simply assist in healing the liver and killing off pathogens. Thousands of people have come through our doors over the years to learn how to heal, relax, rest, reset, and enjoy better health through nutrition, massage, floating, adjusting, exercising, and education regarding the truth about wellness and how the body works. We've had a blast learning along with everyone else and being blessed to work with many exceptional individuals.

In KISS Blog Parts II-VI we tell you more about the "other" things we do at Renova and why we do them. You may have used or heard of some of our devices, but some of you haven't, and we would like you to know about them as possible benefits to your health journey. What you DON'T know might not hurt you, but it can't help you either.

Of course, you know about ZYTO and EVOX since I often talk about them. Half of the 200-plus blogs I've written about expand on the benefits of using bio-communication for health. We recommend getting these scans first to learn your body's preferences for supplements, services, and emotional balancers, and just a road map to maneuver through Reset services.

You'll find fascinating and fun state-of-the-art, most up to date research on Nutrition, Supplements, and FREE educational lectures on Wellness Wednesdays. For example: Do you have FRUIT FEAR because of medical mis-information? Learn about the healing properties of FRUIT and how we need more FRUIT in our lives on a daily basis to heal and thrive.

From our trusted source, Anthony William, The Medical Medium:

You have been told “one of the largest, greatest deceptions of our day – that fruit is bad, fruit is harmful, fruit is dangerous.” The lie that fruit is harmful and should be avoided is part of the war on fruit and has created what I termed Fruit Fear.
Sugar and the Body
Fruit is critical for your body for many reasons. In fact, without sugar, your body could not survive. Your brain requires sugar to function! That’s right, your brain runs on sugar, which is glucose, and not fat. Every single movement you take, task you do, thought you think, and word you speak requires glucose. Your brain heats up when you think and requires sugar to keep it cool. This explains the instinctual cravings for sugar that we experience during highly emotional and stressful situations in life. Like antifreeze acts as a coolant for an overheated car, the glucose we get from eating fruit helps to calm and cool our brain.
Neurological symptoms like anxiety, brain fog, eye floaters, aches and pains, chronic fatigue, and many more, require consistent, uninterrupted levels of glucose. Fruit is the incredible healing tool needed to recover and heal these symptoms.

NUTRITION - Critical Clean Carbs

Want to know the best juicer to use to make your Celery Juice and Cucumber Juice? Go to


TROUBLE SLEEPING? Try a dropperful of Ashwagandha before bed.

Have you been diagnosed with Osteopenia or worried about Osteoporosis?


Want to know more? How to heal? How to lose weight? How to reframe trauma or family patterns? How to sleep better? How to build muscles? How to break addictions? What other healing modalities are in the Renova Center? Do you have a subject you are interested in? Let us know and we'll have an expert come and speak about it. Are you an expert on health, wealth, research? Let us know and we'll advertise it for you. FREE. Every Wednesday we teach, are taught, try new foods, juices, etc.

All you have to do is SIGN UP and SHOW UP. We love our Wellness Wednesdays. Everyone does. You will too.


It's a Jungle Out There

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