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The Medical Medium's newest book: CLEANSE TO HEAL was published in May 2020. He had been writing it for the past year. Inside those pages, you will find words to heal and protect from pathogens, bacteria, and how to build a strong immune system. Perfect timing as the CORONA virus (COVID-19) hit the world, the end of March. Of course, a medical medium would know these events were going to take place before they happened. It was no surprise to me that this book was the answer to fighting viruses.

On the other hand, ALL six of the Medical Medium books address viruses as the MAIN thing that causes diseases. If you were following the lifestyle suggestions before the CORONA event - you were already prepared and had nothing to fear. Cool. I was one of those fortunate individuals who had been following his information for the past five-plus years. I never worry about contracting this disease, unless it might be forced into my system with a needle. That's a "whole-nother" story.

So how do we kill viruses and avoid becoming chronically ill from them? We have to understand that these viruses are alive, they live and die inside our liver, first, but we can stop them from proliferating by doing several things. Such as, stop feeding them.

First off: Radiation, chemicals, heavy metals, and certain foods feed them. We've been hearing about these things for the past twenty-years and been told that we just have to live with them - until they win. It is no coincidence that we have been given instructions to reduce or eliminate radiation, chemicals, and heavy metals from our bodies.

The best tool to kill these harmful pathogens and bacterias is to drink celery juice. And the next best thing is the Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie:

Download PDF • 5.72MB

Next, we need to avoid foods that feed these toxic critters:

Why eggs? At the top of the list of foods to avoid? Aren't eggs the perfect food?

Unfortunately, the scientists used this perfect food to grow (create) the viruses. Worked great for them - ruined the egg for human consumption. Every time you eat an egg, you are giving mother's milk to viruses. If you want to get rid of viruses, don't eat eggs. No one is more sorry about this fact than me. But it is what it is.

But here is the good news. It's NOT about food - it's about killing pathogens. Kill the pathogens and your diet of choice (Paleo to Plant-Based) will work great.

And last, we need to eat more of the foods that FEED US well and will also kill off pathogens and bacteria. We just listed them in the last BLOG: EAT TO LIVE. But here is a summary:

  1. Drink 16 ounces of JUST celery juice each morning on an empty stomach.

  2. Eat more critical clean carbohydrates: fruit, squash, sweet potatoes, and potatoes.

  3. Eat more leafy greens.

You can also add a CLEANSE to heal yourself. These cleanses are powerful. I will tell you more about them in the next BLOG. In the meantime:

It's a Jungle Out There
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