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Sun Salutation

I'm going to share with you today some "cheat tools" to stay healthy and fit, as well as lose weight. Why do I say "cheat?" Because of the incredibly effective results you get for a small effort.

One: Is the Sun Salutation. Something I've done for over forty years. These seven poses are done one right after another, and have brought much relief--physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual. My favorite time to do them is just before a long flight to Alaska. Even after sitting in the uncomfortable airplane seats for several hours, my muscles never cramp, and I arrive at my destination much more relaxed. Sometimes, I do them on the plane - up front where I can hide a little - especially if I'm flying to Australia or other really long flights,

I first learned the Sun Salutation poses from Dr. John Douillard in Colorado. He taught young and old folks how to do these poses as a pre-workout stretch and then post-workout stretch at the end. Here's a website showing how to do this stretch:

Two: Another quick, efficient thing you can do at home is the Five Tibetan Rites, also known as the "Fountain of Youth." I first heard of this many years ago, loved the simplicity of it, and especially loved the results. I practice them off and on to this day. I learned about Five Tibetan Rites after reading a book called "Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth" by Peter Kelder. This is simple, quick, and fun - with significant side effects.

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Try it, you'll like it.

Three: The third favorite cheating exercise tool can be found at Fitness Norfolk, at The Renova Center. It's called Whole Body Vibration (WBV). NASA came up with this jewel, and ten minutes standing on it can provide the body with a muscle and organ workout equivalent to an hour in the gym. Plus, the machine is inexpensive and can be purchased for home use.

WBV can be split into two categories; WBV physiotherapy and WBV training. WBV physiotherapy includes stretches and massages in light contact with the machine or with minimal bodyweight behind the position. These positions should be zero effort (burning no energy). The most widely promoted WBV physiotherapy position is standing upright, lock-legged on a pivotal or low-energy linear machine.

There are two categories of machinery – Pivotal and Lineal. The best way to describe these actions are as follows; Pivotal is like jumping side-to-side from one foot to the other; Lineal is like jumping up and down or doing push-ups in one spot. Pivotal primarily works on the speed of the machine, looking at peak performance of approximately 27 Hz. Lineal works on a Mass x Acceleration x Frequency principle that could be best explained by the difference of catching a light ball to that of a heavy ball and every ratio in between.

A pivotal machine running on a low frequency (12 Hz and under) would be mainly used for physiotherapy applications and some strength and conditioning. Above this frequency, it enters the area of exercise discipline and comes with some associated risks. For example, high speed with incorrect positioning could cause tissue damage.

Whereas with Lineal machines, the frequency is not so important, e.g., a lighter frame plastic or fiberglass machine running at 50 Hz would be mainly considered physiotherapy with some strength and conditioning applications. Some flexibility in these more lightweight machines is allowed and should not cause any associated tissue damage.

Vibration training as a discipline is known as "High Energy Lineal," which signifies a heavy vibration unit with limited amplitude.

If you try it ... you'll be hooked: Quick, painless, and effective.

Four: Even though this is listed as the fourth cheater-tool ... it should always be first. It's our ZYTO Scan for our program, RESET 4 LIFE. This non-invasive scan reveals your hidden wisdom or internal body intelligence.

How does it work?

By combining TESLA energy science with the bio-communication from NASA's space program - using galvanic skin response. The FDA approved it, and ZYTO developed the

hand cradle. We use it, and you benefit.

Wellness and dis-ease are created through the body's mental, physical, spiritual, and social/emotional conditions. It is essential to focus on each area to promote a healthy balance. This report addresses all four.

Try this? It could change your life. It changed mine and many others who come to Renova.

Health and Wellness do not have to be complicated or "no pain, no gain" Keep it, simple sweetie. Simple is more effective because you will start and continue.

It's a Jungle Out There
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