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Updated: Mar 9, 2022


One of the dangerous side effects of the past couple of year's lockdowns, etc, is the experience of many: Massive weight gain from fear, loneliness, and confusion. I like to refer to this weight gain as the covid-20 pounds, like the college-20. It showed up unannounced and without clear warning. When we do finally notice, we think we can work it off in the gym in a few days. NOT!

Not paying attention, covid-20 quickly can become covid-30. What the heck? With thirty extra pounds, we might notice that we aren't sleeping well, maybe feeling irritable all the time, energy is on the down-low, sore feet, and getting up in the morning might become a burden. This happened to me.

I kept catching colds, got the flu bug, my body felt (and looked) bloated, my liver was mad at me and yelling at me, my skin looked old and dehydrated, IBS returned with a vengeance, walking was no longer fun, and I craved foods I never liked before--like meats, sweets, and chocolate. I wanted more FAT and ate JUNK.


One day I noticed some rolls of fat showing up in places difficult to hide with loose clothing. I didn't want to visit my enemy: The Scale, but one morning found the courage to check out the information on the scale. I was shocked and scared.


Before I knew "what just happened" my body had reached a past-pregnancy-weight. Forty extra pounds on my petite frame. But no worries, I thought, because when I was young, all I had to do was "think" weight loss, and it went away. This time ...


Since I've forgotten more than most people will ever know about health and wellness, especially nutrition, I went into full weight-loss mode. I did HCG, fasted, exercised till I dropped, walked the beach 16 miles a day, ate fruit, did cleanses, did YOGA, meditation, and all those new body-wrap things that guaranteed to take off an inch. I needed much more than "an inch" off, but you have to start somewhere.

My legs looked like the HULK, muscular and well defined, I felt better, but the scales still taunted me as I could only lose seven pounds. I had 33 to go. Aren't those holy numbers? Maybe I could quit now, while I was ahead? But every time I quit, I gained back the seven pounds plus more. YIKES.

Next I accepted a challenge to DANCE WITH THE STARS. Surely that would humiliate me enough to lose weight, and the dancing was strenuous. All my muscles hurt, especially my feet. But the thing that hurt most was my ego from having to wear those little dresses while performing in front of all those people--with thirty-three extra pounds of--well, it wasn't muscle.

I know I can water-fast in Costa Rica and lose a lot of weight, fast, probably all the covid-fat, but I don't travel well right now (not a fan of the craziness in the world, especially the airlines). I also wanted to find a program I could live with forever and ever, AMEN. I find I don't recover quickly from fasts anymore, so I had to find a PLAN B.

A raw food gourmet chef, my good friend, came to stay with me. I told her I recently lost weight while eating/drinking only bananas--TEN pounds, quit and gained back seven. So we did the banana diet, and I went into exercise mode. Then she prepared excellent, healthy meals, and I hit the gym and beach again. I "released" SEVEN pounds. (She likes it when I say "released," as opposed to "lost.") No matter what I did after SEVEN pounds, I could not release another pound.

I was discouraged, depressed, and after fifty years of constant nutritional study and helping others become healthy--I couldn't help myself.


My friends and family tried to make me feel better by telling me I looked "fine." And to forget about losing weight. At seventy years old; who cared if I was fat as long as I was happy? But I wasn't happy. I was miserable. Many health issues, dis-eases, started showing up, along with pain, and I wanted to stay in bed and watch movies. Even my clothes hurt my feelings.

The last straw: My five-year-old granddaughter. Little kids have a truth-meter. She said: "Gaga! You got old." She was touching my cheek, and looking at me closely. Then she said, "Did you die?"

I said, "No, baby. Not yet."
What the heck? I had to change. But how?

My work with veterans, first responders, and rescued children dragged me out of my pity party as I was often the speaker at different meetings and events. While talking to others at my tables, I learned everyone was dealing with the same frustrations of not being able to "release" weight--no matter what.


I went to prayer again, searched the internet for answers, and contacted my energy-medicine gurus for sage advice. This guided me to the VITALIFE WEIGHT LOSS Program. It seemed this was a program helping a lot of people release a TON of weight.

HOW? My daughter and I went to Illinois, to their headquarters, to see what they were doing differently. We fell in love with the brand, the logo, the building, the owner/founder, the people, and the products.

They are teaching quick weight loss with healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes--using quantum physic products and re-education. They speak my language.

We trained for a week--hanging out with people who had lost anywhere from 30 to 70 or more pounds and kept it off for years. It was as if we fell into an alternate world: Dozens of people came thru their doors--happy to climb on the scales and confirm ongoing weight loss.


We are now in the process of offering this program at THE RENOVA CENTER. We can't wait to tell you about it and work with you on your weight-loss journey. Besides weight, there's an excellent chance you will lose dis-eases. And it can happen quickly. I don't know about you, but I am sick-and-tired of being sick-and-tired.

COME SEE US. We've "released" a combined weight of 25 pounds in two weeks on this program, finally breaking the SEVEN POUND STUCK. The goal? To say bye-bye to those "what just happened" FORTY POUNDS!


PS Thanks to the very talented and beautiful AMELIA for these caricatures. WOW

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