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Most of us are somewhat educated on the subject of water-fasting, along with knowing there are benefits that can be derived from practicing resting and going without food; especially for spiritual benefits. I learned about fasting from reading the Bible as a young girl. Jesus went into the desert and fasted 40 days and 40 nights. I was fascinated with this amazing fete. Then, I heard of many others doing the same: Prophets and great people who went on long fasts because they wanted to be closer to Deity – the needed guidance and answers. The most effective religions in the world have a foundation of believing in fasting.

In my Church, we fast for 24 hours the first Sunday of every month. A growling stomach reminds us to draw closer to our Father in Heaven. Going without food for a time has been the ultimate sacrifice throughout history.

My dissertation in grad-school was entitled “Natural Hygiene: Bringing Life to Health and Health to Life”, with an emphasis on the “Art of Fasting.” Through this research, I learned that many individuals fasted to rid their bodies of chronic dis-eases. In 2007, a few months after losing my sweet-heart, Breck, and dealing with the intense grief due to his death, I packed off for Costa Rica to do a 21-day water-fast with Dr. Doug Graham. Many benefits came from doing that fast: Mental, physical, spiritual, social-emotional – and one I didn’t expect, Confidence. I had done something not everyone had accomplished; and it triggered in me, the confidence that if I could do that, I could do anything. Food was NOT the boss of me. My amazing, self-healing body, was. I just had to get out of its’ way.

Now, twelve years later, I’m back to do another fast. This time a water-fast of only fourteen days in Sedro-Woolley, Washington, but only with Dr. Doug Graham. I trust him. Yesterday was spent traveling. Not having eaten anything for the past 48 hours, I’m excited to peel off layers of toxic debris built up over these past twelve years; due to stress, over-doing, over-eating, under-exercising, death of loved ones, financial roller coasters, and sometimes poor choices for living life – like not sleeping and eating mindlessly. I’m not beating myself up, but I am taking responsibility for having jumped off the top of my game. I want to be who I want to be, and that is the girl who lives at the top of her game. I really like her.

As long as my appointed time isn’t up – I want to hang out with my two, practically perfect and amazing daughters, and their families; my eight and a half grand kids, full of vip, vim and vigor – I don’t want to miss out. I also don’t want them to miss out from hanging out with me. It’s a win-win situation. After 68 years on Planet Earth – I know some “stuff,” and they think I do, too. The best way to teach kids? Play with them. I can’t play if I don’t feel good. Ya know?

DAY ONE: I woke up this morning and looked out my window at an ELK Sanctuary. I watched the sun rise and hung out with my Father. I set goals to listen more and talk less; to slow down and get out of the way of my body working hard to heal me. I listened to a couple of CD’s by Dr. Graham, giggling to myself because he is here – the real-deal: Why am I listening to him on tapes? Because I want to immerse myself in this opportunity.

I hear stirrings from other rooms, as other participants of this fast are moving around. I wonder what they are thinking? How do they feel? I wonder why they are here? What do they hope to get out of this? What were the events in their lives leading up to this moment? They come from all over the world. Some are from Australia. I imagine the sacrifices they’ve made to even get here. How did they find out about it? I can’t wait to make new friends.

I’m going to ask them these questions and cannot wait to know them better. They are like-minded individuals. I don’t have to explain or justify to any of these people why I’m here. They get-it. I was guided to come here by a loving Father and supportive family, so I can return to the best I can be. I can get back to the top of my game. There isn’t any other way and I don’t want to waste one moment.

So, dear readers, friends and family: Thank you for your love, support, and for believing in me. I’m grateful to be on this life-journey with you. You rock. I’m also wondering what you are doing right now? What amazing choices are you making to be the best you(s) and to teach your kids what it looks like to have a parent(s) living at the top of their game – joyfully and with whatever vitality you have. Most of you are preparing for a huge storm. I’m praying for angels to surround and protect you.

See you on Day TWO.

In the meantime: BE HAPPY – BE WELL – BE SAFE

It’s a Jungle Out There

Be the Best You at the Top of Your Game

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