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“The Illness that cannot be cured by fasting,

Cannot be cured by anything else.”

~German Proverb

There are Physicians, aka “doctors” who know how to heal you and they live inside of you. All we have to do is get out of their way and allow them to do their job. One of the definitions of “doctor” is to treat an ailment or apply remedies to a situation of discomfort. If we understand how the body works, we see that the body is always ready, willing, and able to do that. It is truly our best healer; the ultimate doctor. I am not lessening the amazing skills and the life-saving expertise and skill of our emergency care doctors. They will always be needed and revered. I just do not want us to overlook the other doctors who can heal our bodies and keep away chronic, mystery illnesses. They are always with you, standing by, waiting to do their job – the business of healing, YOU. Do not underestimate the power of these guys:

1. DOCTOR FASTING - Fasting is a sure way to get out of the way, whether it’s a plan to skip one meal or more. A supervised fast is the best way to fast, because we have become terribly toxic inside and outside (our two worlds). Fasting is powerful, needs to be taken serious, and approached with caution. If you are considering a fast, do your homework. Start with Dr. Doug Graham at

2. DOCTOR DIET – A fruit-based diet is the best diet a human-being can eat. Fill up on FRUITS first – that’s where you get your calories, and your body will thank you. After fruit, eat vegetables and leafy greens. Your Liver (your best friend) will thank you and reward you with health, vitality, energy, and assist the other organs so they can do their job. Such as the heart, pancreas, kidneys, gallbladder, BRAIN, etc.

3. DOCTOR PURE WATER – Hydration, hydration, hydration. You know the drill. Drinking enough pure water every day is a short cut to flushing out toxins and poisons. A quick and easy fix. If you find drinking enough water to be a problem, eat more fruit – it is filled with the best water we can drink.

4. DOCTOR SUNSHINE – Now this doctor has received a bad-rap. We are sun-beings. The sun provides vital nutrients to our body, kills pathogens, and helps to eliminate toxins. If someone tells you to stay out of the sun, they are grossly mistaken – actually that is a lie and they do not understand the body, nor do they have your best interests at heart. Early morning and late afternoon sun exposure work best. Don’t be afraid of the sun – just be smart. The Baby Oil and Mercurochrome concoction most of us baby-boomers used probably wasn’t the best way to hang out with our miracle sunshine. Nor was baking in the hottest time of the day. Think of it like this, the sun is not the enemy. Follow the money and you will find an enemy, if you feel so inclined.

5. DOCTOR SLEEP – Get healthy and you will sleep again. Sleep, and you will become healthy.

These two go hand in hand. Not being able to sleep is your body trying to communicate with you that something is out of “whack.” Medications will not solve this problem, they only make it worse, because they cause something else to go wrong. If you can’t sleep, then REST and the best time to rest is between 10:00 and 2:00. Lay down, turn off all machines, close your eyes, get completely dark in the room, and allow your brain to be quiet. Your body will then work its’ magic.

6. DOCTOR LOVE – Compassion, faith, prayer, and affirmations can move mountains. Nurture these parts of human needs and you will find peace. Peace attracts peace. The healthier we are, the easier it is to love. Affirmations help to re-frame our thoughts. What are affirmations? Basically, the things we tell ourselves over and over, in the dark chambers of our minds. Make them positive, uplifting, and healing. This is just another way to get out of the way of your body.

7. DOCTOR PURPOSE – Having and knowing our purpose creates a state of comfort when going about our daily duties. If I know why I am here, on Planet Earth, then I can make better choices. I can say no to the things that do not serve me well, and yes to a greater good. I will be better able to discern between all my choices. Surrounding ourselves with like-minded individuals who support our purpose is key. We all need people to have our backs, and it is noble to watch another’s back.

8. DOCTOR HUMOR – This one is my personal favorite. I love America, especially when Americans had a sense of humor. We were amazing. Now, not so much. We are constantly on guard, trying not to offend anyone, and we take offense when we need to be smiling and teaching more. But we can restore our greatness by learning to laugh again. Sarcasm isn’t humor. Someone always gets hurt. Humor is about not inflicting pain. It’s about laughing so hard we might wet our pants. It’s about liking ourselves, and others. It’s about not taking everything personal. It’s about being inter-dependent, the highest level of maturity. It’s about being happy. It is a great healer. It is said that cancer comes from a deep seeded resentment. It’s time to let it go before it hurts us.

9. DOCTOR PLAY – Movement and Exercise keep us healthy and remove a lot of sins. They force us to drink more water, and make us tired, so we can sleep better. The best exercise is the one you will do, regularly. When we are playing, we are exercising without knowing it. Movement is powerful. Playing heals and joined with Doctor Humor … creates a powerful team.

10. DOCTOR FREEDOM – Sometimes we in America take our freedom for granted. Many lives have been sacrificed to give us this right to be FREE, and many more are being sacrificed as we speak. Freedom isn’t free. We have to pay a price for our liberty. Our soldiers and heroes, are doing this for us, because they believe in us and this country. There is also a freedom from illness. Accidents happen, injuries are sustained through no fault of our own but the injuries from unhealthy lifestyles are not accidents.

There are laws of health, that when violated will guarantee results of dis-ease. Fortunately, the body is forgiving, but it can’t hold out forever. Take a moment to think about which doctor you need right now, and then make some positive changes. How do you know which one you need now? How bad are your symptoms and how long have they been trying to get your attention. Read my next BLOG: DAY FIVE – THE SEVEN STAGES OF DIS-EASE to learn what STAGE you are. Once you know this, you can decide how quickly you need to move.

DAY FOUR: Symptoms and Changes

1. Dark circles under my eyes are lighter

2. My eyes are clearer; less puffy

3. My kidneys hurt today – I know they are cleaning house

4. I fell asleep during the lecture and snored! YIKES – woke myself up

5. My voice is soft and raspy

6. Watched several funny, romantic movies

7. Am not hungry

8. Feel great, just very little energy

9. Oh yeah – I’ve lost ten pounds

10. Family is good. I’m so grateful for their support in GaGa becoming her healthy self again




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