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The truth shall set you free and if you are educated in what causes dis-eases, you will be more likely to be able to stop or prevent them. In grad-school, I was taught these Seven Stages of Dis-Ease and they’ve helped me to judge where I am in my own health journey – to know when to take action. The sooner we become aware and stop ignoring these warnings from our body, the more we can prevent them from turning into something serious. I hope you find these as important to know, as I do.

Once you know these, you will be able to see where you are on the road to dis-ease and also realize that western medicine does not even get involved nor are they interested until stage four is realized, because stage four shows up on their monitors. But, stage four is already half way through the process of dangerous dis-ease. With each stage, you must make lifestyle changes in order to allow the body to work its magic to cure the dis-ease(s). If you are aware of the stages, you will become empowered:

  1. TOXICOSIS - Cellular constipation starts to build. This is going on by the minute. We live in a toxic world. We cannot stop this, but the healthier our lifestyle, the better able our body can handle.

  2. ENERVATION - General feeling of malaise; not being "up to par". Cellular functioning ability decreases. Person may feel irritable, nervous, anxious, or depressed without sufficient cause, etc. This is also very symptomatic of our world and why it is even more important to make better food choices, drink pure water, MOVE, and find better ways to deal with stress such as; Yoga and Meditation. Go to your Neighborhood Gym to get support.

  3. IRRITATION - Sensation of pain; it can come and go in predisposed areas, of varying intensity. Previous symptoms, if evidenced, tend to worsen. Constipation, occasional diarrhea, headache, dry cough, itching, pimples, and mild rashes, etc. We often do not pay attention to these red flags. We are taught to embrace the suck, get over it, and take a pill; when it would be more prudent to fast, rest, drink more pure water, or go for a walk in nature – slow down to speed up healing.

  4. INFLAMMATION - Fever, redness, runny, red nose; some swelling and mucus formation - all previous symptoms tend to worsen. All "itis" diseases, named according to location: Bronchitis, arthritis, bursitis, neuritis, iritis, etc. These symptoms are more bothersome and annoying - difficult to ignore. Medicine can be involved now, because it has something they can see, diagnose and be brilliant about. They can issue a drug for the “flavor of the day.” The best thing to do here is to increase rest, pure water, maybe a three day fast, Yoga, Meditation, hang out in nature and get a handle on your life. How’s your weight? What’s going on in your relationships? Are you happy in your job? How often do you smile? How’s your relationship with your higher power? Take a break here, because the next 3 stages can move quickly, and are often fatal.

  5. ULCERATION - Hardening of tissues, stiffening of movement. Walling off of lesions; benign tumors form: Scar tissue, sclerosis, advanced degeneration of organs, especially of the liver and kidneys start to take place. As well as, onset of senility and abnormal behavior patterns. As the robot for Will Robinson cries out, “Warning, Warning, Warning”, so does your body. You’ve ignored all the previous red flags. Warning: Quickly make a Lifestyle change. Lifestyle change. Lifestyle change. NOW.

  6. INDURATION – Result of long-standing, chronic inflammation with bouts of acute inflammation interspersed. This causes a sluggishness of circulation and cells are sometimes replaced with scar tissue. Toxins may be encapsulated in a sac, tumor, or polyp. There is even more physical pain. Induration means “hardening” or “scarring” of tissues. You better unplug from whatever is going on in your life ... because the next stage will take all your money, effort, time and, maybe your life.

  7. FUNGATION - Cellular replication out of control: True Cancer. In early stages; organ failure starts, especially of the heart, kidneys, liver. Tuberculosis, gland malfunctioning--breakdown of hormonal system, especially the hypothalamus and pituitary. The only way to reverse this stage is to live a totally different lifestyle, quickly and completely. Whatever you have been doing in the past—stop. All those things you have been avoiding like juicing, eating raw organic food, and drinking ONLY pure water—do it now. FASTING is highly recommended – this is a good time to take action, by not taking action.


  1. Five days without food

  2. Feeling wonderful – so needed this rest

  3. Resting and sleeping off and on throughout the day

  4. Drinking water is satiating and I have no desire to eat food

  5. Sinuses clearing up

  6. Love my body with less weight

  7. Listening to the birds outside

  8. Spending time reflecting and pondering my spiritual beliefs

  9. Hanging out with Father more and listening to Him rather than talking

  10. A rain, lighting and thunder storm graced our presence last night. Today smells clean and refreshing

  11. Thinking about how I take so many amazing things for granted, but now I am able to enjoy the wonderment of nature and how I will be playing with my kids for the rest of my life – with energy and joy. I’m able to give them the me, they deserve

  12. With each passing day I am less worried about everything/anything

  13. Feeling so grateful for this miraculous body my Father in Heaven made

  14. Feeling gratitude for everything – the good, the bad, and the beautiful

  15. SEE YOU ON DAY SIX – tomorrow



Or so I’ve heard

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