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New Book on Suicide Coming Soon

Warrior's Guide to Wellness : Antidote for Suicide

Coming Soon: VOLUME ONE of Four Volumes

The recipe for a suicide-antidote was discovered through the culmination of several years of research in the trenches with some of America's best warriors. With 40 suicides a day, half are Vietnam Veterans, why are our Nation's heroes committing suicide when they are needed now more than ever?

These books examine the causes based on information from our veteran's, themselves. Poignant, emotional but hopeful. It leaves the reader surprised and yet not surprised at the reasons for such a high number of suicides and what to do about it.

Authors: Deb Cox Wood, PhD, ND & Nick Baggett, SOCM Retired


VOLUME 1 : The Antidote Recipe Found

VOLUME 2 : Wellness Map: The Guide to Health

VOLUME 3 : Treatments that Work

VOLUME 4 : Touched by Suicide: Warrior Stories


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