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Push The Reset Button - Now

When I work with someone who can't heal ... especially after doing so many right things such as trying medicine, food, lifestyle changes, herbs, etc., I know there is something emotional blocking the healing, because the body always wants to heal. This reality is confirmed by Anthony William, the Medical Medium. He reveals from a pure source that the body NEVER attacks itself ... there is always an outside invader.

Whew! Good to know because Science/Medicine has led us down a deep, dark rabbit hole on this issue, discouraging self-healing and even creating hopelessness to imagine that our own body could turn on us and be the enemy?

Well, it's not true - ever. There is always an invader - a pathogen - (any disease-producing agent, especially a virus, bacterium, or other microorganism) and if we don't acknowledge it, and stop feeding it, it grows. A pathogen is an enemy who has taken up residence in our homeland/body and is intent to destroy us.

Press the reset button: Stop feeding the pathogens and look inside the mind of emotions. Unlock this and you can reset your health and healing.

Through biocommunication - communicating with the body/cells where the blocked emotions hide ... you can RELEASE or REFRAME the 'forgotten memory' and RESET the body - for health and for good.

Healing doesn't have to be painful and it can be quick and fairly effortless. Just depends on how deeply rooted the blockage is ... how stubborn the sub-conscious is in holding on to this issue. When you "ask" the body what "it" needs to heal - it will reveal the topic or topics. The body wants to heal and be happy.

During this fact finding mission, of scanning the cells, people often ask me: "How do you know that about me?" I don't ... but the body does. This process is like a polygraph - it tells the truth. That's why the scanner is an approved FDA medical device. Science acknowledges galvanic skin response devices. Responses from the cells.

Biocommunication is a fun way to heal. If I didn't have this technology, I would go into laughter therapy. When is the last time you wet your pants laughing? Now there is a great RESET.

Push the Reset Button now. Be happy, healthy and heal to restore clarity. I wonder if this is what Christ meant when he said, "go and sin no more?" Just a thought.

Love you guys.

Dr Deb

PS Stephen Covey said: "Setbacks are inevitable ... misery is a choice." RESET now.

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