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Most of you know that I am a "Medical Medium Junkie," and I do not apologize for that. The more I learn from Anthony William's information, books, blogs, lectures and revelations, the healthier I become and that benefits all the people who show up at The Renova Center. Another benefit is that I have more time - I no longer waste time reading the hundreds of emails I receive daily about health food or product claims. I finally have the "real-deal," the manna.

I've never been a product-person, but I have been testing the supplements recommended by Anthony and here's what is happening: I feel great - better than great - and they work.

Check these out and why everyone should be taking them: ( or

1. B12 Liquid (Adenosylcobalamin + Methlycobalamin) Global Healing Center): "An ideal B-12 supplement includes both methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin. This B-12 blend can help with neurological disorders and diseases, anxiety and panic, and the immune system. The right supplement is a better choice than B-12 injections. These shots do not contain the right kind of B-12 blend and have the potential to trigger an overreaction in a sensitive body. The B-12 supplement I prefer can be found here."

2. Zinc Sulfate (Ionic Liquid) Good State): "Zinc can help protect you from many diseases. Maintaining healthy zinc levels can help shield you from pathogens and minimize future illness. Unfortunately, the more pollution we encounter, the more zinc we lose, and the fruits and vegetables we grow for food no longer contain this essential mineral. Avoid the many liquid zinc supplements that are loaded with citric acid, natural flavors, alcohol, and other toxic ingredients. Instead, search for a clean, high-quality liquid ionic zinc like this one."

3. Frozen Wild Blueberries from Maine - "It’s easy to get swept up in the belief that the ultimate healing food is hiding somewhere in the tropical wilds. We read about researchers who scour the jungle for miracle roots and berries, and we see exotic dried fruits for sale at the grocery store with packages proclaiming them “superfoods.” Maybe one day, we tell ourselves, a true miracle food will be discovered out there in the rain forest—the root or berry or herb or nut that will save humanity. While of course the rain forest has potent medicine to offer, that’s not where scientists will find the most valuable food that can save us. The world’s most powerful food is hiding on low, scrubby bushes in plain sight. I’m talking about the wild blueberry. There is not a cancer that wild blueberries cannot prevent, nor a disease known to humankind that wild blueberries do not protect you from. Do not confuse wild blueberries with their larger, cultivated cousins, which, while great for your health, don’t offer even a fraction of wild blueberries’ power."

4. Celery Juice - "Fresh celery juice is one of the most powerful healing juices one can drink. Just 16 oz of fresh celery juice every morning on an empty stomach can transform your health and digestion in as little as one week."

5. And now I'm sold on another one Anthony recommends: VEGAN LIQUID NIGHTTIME MULTIMINERAL by MARYRUTH (Coconut) "Highest Purity Natural Ingredients, Vitamins, Minerals, Magnesium & MSM builds tissue while providing for a deeper sleep. KUDOS for MaryRuth. I've only taken it for a week and I am sleeping better and seeing evidence of even more benefits - clarity, more energy and my skin looks better. Try it and let us know your experience."

6. Watt-Ahh, by AquaNew is still the best water on earth: "AquaNew’s Watt-Ahh® or “Polarized Water” is different at its molecular basis and – consequently – in its own exclusive category when compared to other types of water. The stable dioxytetrahydride molecule (two co-valent bonded oxygen and four hydrogen) is a crystalline-like structure enriched with electrons. Negatively charged electrons (or polarization) reduce surface tension and clustering of water molecules for cellular absorption and in preventing the clumping of blood, and more ..."

Be Safe, Be Well, Be Happy

It's a Jungle Out There

We've Got Your Back

Because We Care ...

The Renova Reset TEAM

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