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Reset and Get-it-Right

Why was the movie "Groundhog Day" so popular? For one thing, Billy Murray and Andie MacDowell do a great job of entertaining us with this bewitching idea of repeating a bad day until we perfect the lifestyle. But on a life-lesson basis - who wouldn't want to be able to have a "do-over"to get it right? A Reset?

RESET is about a do-over for your health. A way to get-it-right. Maybe even an un-do? There are so many claims about products, foods, the flavor-of-the-day miracle device or the so-called latest scientific breakthrough. It is difficult to know what to believe, or where to spend your time, energy and money.

At Renova Reset, we believe in good old-fashioned body wisdom. Yours. But how do we access this wisdom?

We do it through biocommunication using Zyto technology. "ZYTO’s innovative decision support technology takes the guesswork out of choosing nutritional products and wellness options."

The scan is quick, easy, non-invasive and inexpensive: It takes 15 minutes as you sit comfortably with your hand on the reader, and the cost is $49. No needles, x-rays, drugs, or waiting days for results - your body can immediately reveal its biological preferences and you can immediately put into place solutions for the following personal wellness options:

1. How many biomarkers are out of range and how to get them back in range

2. What is your overall health range or how is immune system doing

3. Which nutritional products your body prefers to balance your health

4. How your Organs, Glands & Systems are performing

5. What are your personal triggers affecting your health

6. How your neurotransmitters are performing

7. Which emotions are affecting your health

8. Which foods to avoid

9. Which pesticides, herbicides, radiation, heavy metals, and viruses/bacteria are negatively affecting your health.

10. Which Foods, Services, Diets, Exercises and Emotional Balancers (Affirmations) are preferred in order to positively affect a health reset

You walk away, the same day, with the results of this bio-communication scan or personal road map for health. A helpful tool to guide you and your health-team through the maze of what-to-do-next to Reset your health. This is your Groundhog Day opportunity.

Be Safe, Be Well, Be Happy

It's a Jungle Out There

The Renova Reset Team

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