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The Iditarod 2018 - The Essence of Healing


See Anthony William, The Medical Medium's The Healing Path, Module #13:

"Compassion is truly central to what we need in our lives. Without compassion, we can’t access the fullness of love that is available to us. We need compassion for many reasons. We need it to understand and empathize with others, and we need compassion for ourselves no matter where we are on our journeys.

In this audio, we will talk about why compassion is so important and what you can do to start growing compassion in your life. Compassion doesn’t only impact those around you, but it impacts your quality of life. And there is a very simple way that we can start building our compassion up through simple acts of kindness towards others. I’ll explain how you can consistently grow in compassion and how it will benefit you more than anyone else in the end."

Doing something for someone else is the key vision of the Iditarod. There is no other purpose for the Mushers to spend extreme amounts of time, energy and money on the preparation and training for this last great race. Not only do they save dog's lives, but the race also allows these compassionate and mighty dogs to reach their full potential as Olympic-Athletes.

Not all dogs are up for the challenge, as not all of us have the talent to become Olympic-Athletes, great musicians or rock stars. Not all dogs have the ability to become Service-Dogs. There is a program being worked on to provide the opportunity and ability for these retired Iditarod-Canine-Warriors to be adopted by deserving families. Stay tuned for more information on this privilege shortly.

For now, keep an eye on the race. Say a prayer for their safety. Put yourself in their shoes and feel the wind in your face, the solitude of being in the wilderness - alone with your best friends, and excitement for reaching the finish line.

Iditarod Day 4 -

On Tuesday after completing 150 miles of the 1000 mile race - DeeDee Jonrowe, musher - dropped out. It was her 36th time racing, and she is 64 years old. She is amazing. I saw her on stage in Anchorage, and she looks young and vibrant. Every musher has an amazing story, and Dee Dee's reasons for running this race and now her decision to drop out is totally about COMPASSION.

Over the years, "Despite a serious car accident, despite breast cancer, despite the deaths of her parents and despite the wildfire that turned her Willow home to cinders, Jonrowe kept showing up at the Iditarod starting line." Read her story here in Anchorage Daily News:

The goal and vision of today is MAXIMUM WEIGHT LOSS and MAJOR DETOX.

WHY: On the 12th of March, we head to NOME, by commercial airlines. To be prepared we will pack two coolers of juices and produce. Not sure what we'll find to eat in NOME, but we are making sure we can stick to our TRANSFORMATION process.

Today's MENU:

Celery JUICE ... and more CELERY JUICE. Celery Juice all day.


Pocket Gym and Fantastic Faces - 3 times.

How many of you went to Wellness Wednesday yesterday? Free chair massages were going on. Don't miss out next week. Do something nice for yourself and do some good for others. Your life is important and what you do with it, matters.

Be Well. Be Safe. Be Happy.

Miss you.


Lynne & Deb

You can buy this picture from Anchorage Daily News:

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