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LIGHTEN UP DAY 21- Fortitude

Rick is back, and we've heard the most amazing stories of survival, courage, endurance, and fortitude. If we could just borrow a little of those qualities for our challenge to release weight, aging, dis-eases, and emotions, we would quickly reach all our goals in LIGHTEN-UP. We listened intently to his descriptions of these experiences, glad that our goals do not require this level of commitment. Or do they?

Tomorrow we are going to walk on the Bering Sea. From the locals, we hear that Nome in the summer is just as beautiful. The nearby mountains, covered now with snow, turn green and driving a short distance, you can experience wildlife and wild-nature at it's best.

Made a note to come back in the summer.

To make lifestyle changes, some of us require more information than others. We want to hear what another person(s) does on a daily basis. The Medical Medium posted a journal entry by a person who became well (lightened-up) by following the same protocol Lynne, and I have been doing:

Depending on what is going on in your life in the physical, mental, emotional and social, and what you can do to dedicate time to your health, there are commitments you have to make to lighten-up. The bigger the commitments, the bigger the changes.

Coming to Nome has thrown us off our juicing routine and we feel it in our energy levels and amount of weight loss. Weight loss is important to us, but the overall goal is to find a system we can live with for the rest of our lives. The changes have been subtle but consistent. We look forward to having our morning celery juice when back in Anchorage.

And BTW - we just heard another horn/siren. Another Musher and team are coming into town - to cross the finish line. We can't wait to hear the stories.

Be Well. Be Safe. Be Happy. Don't quit.

It's a Jungle Out There - But You've Got This.


Lynne & Deb

(Photo by Simon Ridgeway - Nome AK)

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