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LIGHTEN UP DAY 30 - Regarding Health

The LIGHTEN UP 33 DAY TRANSFORMATION Program is about releasing fat, weight, aging, pain, dis-ease, addictions, and more. It's fun, educational, works, and easy to accomplish. This path has been uplifting. Today, however, as we are nearing the end of the 33 days, it becomes imperative to speak about a subject not so pleasant. It has to do with the information found at the foundation of true health. The place where we feel good, have energy and don't age as quickly. Aging and even death should be experienced with dignity.

If I'm in an accident and need emergency critical care - get me to an American hospital with a good old US doctor/physician or surgeon. Our emergency care is the best in the world. Even on the battlefield. God Bless our military physicians.

BUT - if I have a chronic illness - get me OUT of the U.S.

Where to go? Germany, Switzerland, (Europe), India, Japan, China, etc ... anywhere BUT my beloved United States of America. American so-called "health-science" medical care pretends to have answers, but invents names and treatments for "medical mysteries." Not knowing the root cause of diseases leave people confused, and sicker than ever before with 200 million Americans living with mystery symptoms. Answers from medical science are not coming and people's health is getting worse, not better.

Example: Cancer. We have trusted the cancer care in the US and have been donating to cancer research, and "fighting cancer" for over thirty years and yet we all have now experienced cancer ourselves or lost someone near and dear. There is less known about cancer care now, and more people are suffering and dying from this botched research.

When my beloved sweetheart died, I informed his oncologist "you better not put he died of cancer on that death certificate." He replied, "what do you want me to say?" I said, "tell the truth. Chemotherapy killed him." The death certificate reads, "Cancer complications."

Money and Medicine in America

Why spending more on healthcare hasn’t led to better medical outcomes. See this article.

"You may have heard this before, but it’s worth repeating. America spends far more, often twice as much, per capita on healthcare than other similar nations like England, Japan, Australia and Canada. And despite this fact, they all seem to have better health outcomes than we do.

On the surface, this doesn’t make any sense. Generally speaking, when a nation devotes a substantial amount of its resources to an issue or cause, they often become a world leader in that area. For example:

  • French Art

  • Switzerland’s Education System

  • The American Military

So, considering that America spends over 17% of its GDP on healthcare, why aren’t we getting better results?"

More procedures = more problems

My friend and neighbor, the late Dr. Vincent Speckhart, the top oncologist in Virginia Beach, told me he left medicine and went to alternative care because he was "tired of killing his friends and family." When will this insanity stop? I've been told to "follow the money," and I will see why this insanity exists. Most of us know who makes the most money in the so-called health industry. There is nothing "healthy" about a health care system that promotes terrible side-effects creating more diseases, suffering, and painful deaths.

American hospitals and physicians (medical and alternative) are full of misinformation; it is difficult to believe anything they say about chronic illnesses - turning these illnesses into mystery illnesses. People need answers that are not contaminated, attached to interest groups, medical funding, trendy theories, or botched research. People need pure, clean, truthful healing information.

Before we run to a foreign country, or visit an "American-wanna-be" country, consider we do have one source of pure information to create our personal health regime: Anthony William, The Medical Medium.

The Medical Medium—and What’s Potentially at the Root of Medical Mysteries

In the foreword of Medical Medium, Alejandro Junger, M.D. writes, “As a man of science, I have been taught to the point of indoctrination that I must only trust what I can observe, measure, test, and reproduce.” But Junger then goes on to explain his career-long fascination with healers—those who can bring sight back through touch, or restore the mysteriously ailing to health. He promotes The Medical Medium to all who listen.

If you don't want to suffer through the side-effects of medicine, or you don't have the money to pay for a trip to a foreign country to save your life - get busy now and LIGHTEN UP. Work on the foundation of true health - improve your immune system.

"There are four key factors causing an endless amount of suffering today. The Unforgiving Four are the Viral Explosion, DDT, Radiation, and Toxic Heavy Metals. Each of these four health threats can wreak havoc all on their own, but when a combination of them are present in us, they can get a strong foothold and cause an incredible amount of suffering over time. Oftentimes, someone won't even think they have anything wrong with their health until later in life when they experience a rush of symptoms for the first time and chalk it up to menopause, are diagnosed with a disease, or the doctor doesn't know why you have depression, headaches, anxiety, fatigue, or another mystery symptoms and says it's all in their head. It's The Unforgiving Four at work."


Love Lynne & Deb - Lighter in every way.

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