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LIGHTEN UP - Secret #1

Happy Day! I slept nine straight hours last night. First night's sleep since Lynne and I left Alaska at 3:10 PM on Monday. For all of you who have trouble sleeping, my heart goes out to you. I had begun to panic, and felt I was underwater, or watching the world and myself as someone else. My senses were dull, and my timing was off. Walking around in a type of coma.

Whew. Glad that's over. What did I learn from that? There are secrets to be learned to Lighten Up. We all know sleep is important, but I woke up thinking about the secrets to living healthy and how to:


SECRET #1 is Fruit

The more fruit you eat, the more weight you lose. The secret to anti-aging? FRUIT.

What the PHO? Who knew?

Dr. Doug Graham from 80-10-10 knew. He told me and was teaching this 30 years ago.

Anthony William, The Medical Medium knows.

Both Dr. Doug and Anthony are desperately trying to teach and warn us.

And now, you and I know.

We want to LIGHTEN UP in every way; to be healthy, release weight, fat, dis-ease, addictions, brain fog, aging, et cetera - so we need to eat more and more FRUIT. Every day.

Start now - Read and LISTEN to this talk:

The Healing Power of Fruit-11/14/2016

“Do you fear eating fruit because you think its sugar content is detrimental? This is a common trend that is holding people back from healing. It's time to know the truth about fruits like mangos, bananas, papayas, and more! Join Anthony to learn their phenomenal physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits.”

Something has drastically changed in the last 15 years where chronic illness has jumped leaps and bounds. The answers and the correct information are not out there. It’s like antique shopping. You may as well buy an old table in an antique shop.

Is “fruit” bleeped out? It’s a naughty word these days. Fruit is being crucified right now. It has to change. Fruit is healing and holds magic/medicine. You have to eat some fruit because nobody is eating it. Does sugar come to mind when you hear the word fruit? You will hear that too much sugar is bad. But to recover from illness, and have the longevity to reach old age, you need it. Don’t listen to those experts who say not to eat fruit. The real information is coming to us through this show from a different source.

We can use it to help ourselves and help others.

Anthony saw an Instagram story from someone at a health food store picking out celery. Someone else had a lot of celery. One said to the other...Juicing? Medical Medium celery juice? Yes...they were both doing the life-changing celery juice. Health food stores are now offering straight celery juice, which was never done before. Anthony loves that it is changing because people are asking for it.

The average American consumes 100 pounds of cane sugar per year. You’d think people would say that is not possible. This is the average American who is health conscious. The extreme is over 400 pounds. Pizza tomato sauce has cane sugar laced with it. Right now, Americans eat an average of 80 pounds of fruit per year. People in the alternative health movements (bad carbs) are eating 2-10 pounds of fruit per year. 80 pounds of fruit is 1 case of apples. It is only 50 apples. There are 365 days in a year. So one apple a week? Apples have fiber, pectin, nutrients, etc. Including the core and seeds, there is very little sugar in an apple.

There is a trend to destroy and take down fruit. It’s not being purchased, it is thrown out by the hordes at the stores. We have to start eating it so it’s not thrown out. University professors are teaching students not to eat fruit anymore. Not every professor, but students are telling Anthony this. At a large alternative medical conference in the last 6 or 7 years, they have started out throwing bananas at the wall.

Without fruit, we are going to be in really big trouble. Deep vitamin C deficiencies cause all the things that cause a lifespan of 40-45 (scurvy, rickets, infections, leprosy). C runs adrenals, cleanses and detoxifies the body. With no C reserve, you cannot detox. Deep reserves are critical for the quickening...people are getting sicker faster than ever in history. Protects us from cancer and chronic illness.

Antioxidants from fruit stop you from dying. Aging is oxidizing. We oxidize every day. You turn this around with antioxidants. Scientists who discovered antioxidants are congratulated. Even in parts (majority and stars) of longevity world, they are anti-fruit. Someone can’t admit the mess-up due to the ego thing. So anti-fruit is anti-longevity. Lack of fruit will knock fertility rates down. It will hurt us on so many levels. Childhood development will suffer. Fruit antioxidants stop the brain from rotting,

Alzheimer’s, dementia, losing your mind, suffering on all levels of life; keeps hips from rotting, stops the need for knee replacement. Fruit antioxidants stop the breakdown of the body on all levels.

Anthony cares, feels what people have gone through. Someone told him when they are around people suffering from symptoms, it brings them to tears. They feel that feeling inside. Anthony understands this. It’s about rising out of the ashes.

In the forefront of alternative medicine, they say fruit causes a fatty liver or liver problems. Anthony won’t waste time on this misconception. Fruit reverses a fatty liver. It stops hepatitis C, scarring and scar tissue in the liver. Liver cleanses abound, but you better bring in a lot of fruit. It cleanses better than anything else on planet earth. It’s being shunned right now.

Everyone is interested in brain health. Fruit saves your brain. Without it, the brain shrinks. The brain has a micro percentage of omega fats, but mostly glycogen (carb storage). You take away fruit, and the brain slowly shrinks. This simple knowledge is better than the best brain book out there. That’s the football right there, to pass along to someone else to change their life. If fruit is in your life 2-3 times a day, you stop Alzheimer’s if they were likely to get it way down the road. Wild blueberries are the ultimate brain food on planet earth. Reverses brain disease and prevents heavy metal oxidation in the brain. If you start a habit yourself and mention it to someone else, you can perform a powerful miracle.

Eating fruit out of season: Anthony loves farmer’s market for the elevated biotics on the fresh produce, so eating in season is fine. When it goes out of season, don’t stop eating it. It is in season somewhere else on the planet. If you traveled to one of those places you would eat it, so if it is shipped it is not a problem. It was in season where it was grown. We have to get more fruit into our bodies.

Melons: The mother’s milk of the planet. Take no digestion at all because they are pre-digested. So many enzymes, so the body doesn’t have to digest. Melons are equal to an intravenous vitamin therapy (C, glutathione, Myers cocktail). Highly active water content with minerals that binds to toxins of all kinds, including ammonia, viruses, mold, radiation. The water content is so grounded, bioactive, and full of electrolytes that it literaly binds and pulls so much garbage and poison out of the body through the kidneys. If you don’t feel well on melon, this is why. So much silica is in melons, they restore joints, ligaments, teeth, bones. Melons help restore kidneys and give them the ability to heal. Crohn’s, colitis, peptic ulcers, mystery infertility, IBS, Barrett’s esophagus, aneurysm, embolism, stroke, heart disease, liver disease/cancer, kidney disease, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, epilepsy, sepsis, h. Pylori, constipation (lifts low hcl acid), blood sugar problems, connective tissue inflammation, bone density, back pain, spasms, twitching, blurry eyes, blood toxicity. Emotionally, melons support you if you are easily frightened to the point of shaking, dealing with a heavy load, PTSD, nervousness. Gotta eat a melon!

Lemons and limes: Squeeze lemon into water. Anthony has been pushing this around since he was six years old. Ultimate hydration on a deep level. Do 16 oz every day. Lemon and lime trees send roots deep into the earth, and these roots extract trace minerals that support our neurotransmitters. Lemons and limes are a driving force for electrolyte production. The electrolyte drinks out there are dead, so use lemons and limes in your water. UTI, staph infections, kidney disease/stones, gallstones, rosacea, conjunctivitis, pneumonia, MS (EBV), mystery infertility, diabetes, influenza, herpes simplex, acne from strep, cancers, strep throat, a-fib, muscle pain, PND, tummy discomfort, unquenchable thirst. Lift hcl, help headaches, inflammation, neurological problems. Emotionally, help with feelings of sadness and melancholy. Someone felt sad every day at 4 pm. Anthony told them to drink lemon-lime every day at 3 pm. Already feeling better.

Grapes: People are afraid of the sugar. But they don’t have a lot of sugar. They have a sourness. If you juice tons of it and re-concentrate it over and over, then the sugar gets built up. Antioxidant power keeps our brain healthy, detoxes and revitalizes every organ. Kills viruses, removes radiation and heavy metals in the gut. They are a longevity anti-aging fruit. The darker the grape, the more medicine it contains. But pick the one you want. Removes mold, prevents macular degeneration, autism, ADHD, diabetes, endometriosis, PCOS (life-changing), PMS, fibroids. Liver issues-miracle because of ultimate cleansing food. Pull out metals and pesticides.

Figs: Remove parasites and bacteria from the gut-any kind of bug that is in GI that shouldn’t be there. Skin of fig feeds good bacteria and kills bad bacteria. Thousands of year old information in the fig tree. IBS, celiac. Eat figs in numbers of nine, nine figs a day. Every fig tree ends on a nine. All the figs that grow on the tree equal to number nine in the end. Ends on a nine. It’s life-changing when you eat figs in the number of nine. Enlarged spleen, TMJ, scarred liver, appendix issues, sinus issues. Emotional wounds form from feeling excluded. Figs help you feel better about that.

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