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LIGHTEN UP - Get Back On Track

What just happened?

Only one month ago - Lynne and I happily returned to Anchorage-Tiny-Condo from Nome - checking off several bucket list items:

1. Watched the Iditarod Race

2. Walked on the Bering Sea

3. Lightened up in weight

4. Fell in love with celery juice and detox smoothies

Next we did the terrible red-eye flight from Anchorage to Norfolk, but we were excited about having won our personal race against ourselves by releasing fat, food-addictions, dis-eases (viruses, bacteria, and inflammation), and more.

Then "something" hit the fan for me. Lynne is doing great. Believing I was doing everything right, I came down with the dreaded PNEUMONIA. I forgot to REST. After arriving in Virginia - I couldn't sleep for three days. This is a prescription for illness, and it pretty much works every time.


Not to worry, though. I'm better now, but pneumonia or other illnesses can catch us off guard. Pneumonia has horrible symptoms and can leave 'scars:'

1. It makes us tired - oh so very tired.

2. It can leave us discouraged: Sick and tired of being sick and tired.

3. It can create Lack of Motivation, depression and other Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Social/Emotion affects.

4. Pneumonia is a killer and can leave the lungs scarred. Once it "gets you" - you are prone for it again; so be sure to

  • Take care of yourself with rest and good sugar for the body and brain (more fruit)

  • Get a new attitude - determined to live more healthy. (Read The Medical Medium information)

  • Get excited to get back on track. (Rest and Hydration are NOT just good ideas - they are crucial to your health and happiness)

  • Be Happy and Grateful to be alive, life is a gift and can change in a heartbeat.


Here's what I learned :

1. My favorite quote by T S Eliot rings true again: "We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploration will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time."

2. Friends and Family rise to the challenge to show love and care when someone is going down and out for the count. Flowers, food, healing concoctions, prayers, blessings, and concern showed up every day. Thank you.

3. Trust in the process of self-healing. Lots of rest, walking and sitting on the beach- sunshine, hydration with daily celery juice, detox smoothies, water with lemon, and tons of carbs - fruit, leafy greens, and vegetables. These foods are MANNA to the body and soul.

4. Herbs and supplements are little warriors fighting against viruses and bacteria: Zinc, B-12, Vitamin C (tons), Lysine, Chilled Peppermint Tea, Turmeric/Curcumin, Cilantro, Garlic, Chinese Medicine herbs from our favorite Renova-Acupuncturist-Herbologist Charles Miller added another element to deep healing.

5. Renova's Healing Services: Float Pods, ZYTO/EVOX, PEMFT, BEMER, Reiki/Massage, et cetera, along with a Caring Staff who picked up the ball for me, and Tenants who know how to heal at the immune system level.

6. Last, but not least: Medical Intervention. As you know, I'm not a FAN of long-term invasive medical treatment as it adds more problems and stops the immune system from healing; but I AM a fan of emergency, short-term medical care and these angels of mercy came through again. The x-ray showed pneumonia, and the antibiotic stopped the pain, allowing me to keep healing naturally - actually allowing me not to die. Pneumonia is dangerous for "old" people, I am told. And the pain from coughing was excruciating.

But it's all good now.


1. Grateful for caring, knowledgeable individuals who drop everything to help a loved one.

2. Grateful for the power of rest, prayer and manna.

3. Grateful to live by the ocean and the healing rays of the sun.

4. Grateful for Renova's tools: Float Pods, PEMFT, Bemer, Zyto/EVOX, Massage/Reiki, Infrared Heat, and talented, caring tenants, and emergency medical intervention.


Let's build a CABIN in AK!

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