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We've got a new do!

There are a lot of changes taking place at The Renova Center, and you won't want to miss one of them:

1. The Veteran Wellness Center of Hampton Roads, under the leadership of Nicky Baggett, SOCM, Retired, co-author of "The Truth About Suicide," has moved downstairs across the hall from FLOAT NORFOLK. Expanding, growing, and adding the first Veteran and First Responder Art Gallery. Grand opening soon to be announced. Art with passion from, "Our Nation's Heroes. We can't wait to bring you these fantastic depictions.

2. Renova Reset, with Dr. Bev Orr and Dr. Deb Wood, ZYTO/EVOX, the Bemer, PEMFT, and the ROM, has moved upstairs into the old Veteran Wellness Center space; "Education protects" and our LIGHTEN UP Program is growing.

3. Get ready for our new and improved RECORDING STUDIO - in the new RENOVA RESET. Interviews, education; a place where the power of knowledge can be shared via the Internet. We want to hear from you.

4. We have new tenants moving in the weekend. An unusual but perfect addition to Health and Wellness. Wait until you meet them.

5. Join us for the next 30-days as Dr. Deb heads to Talkeetna Alaska to be with the Battle Dawgs. There's something NEW going on there, as well.


Be Well ~ Be Safe ~ Be Happy

It's a Jungle Out There

But at The Renova Center, There's a Haven

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