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My Soul is Alive (On Fire) Again - PART I

LIFE ... sometimes beats us up, or maybe we let it because we are tired from fighting. We stop standing tall, and we stand down, perhaps even give up.

Why do some people hang in there, no matter what? They keep on keeping on. Why do some live and some die? Maybe it's really simple.

Maybe God decides that He has more for us to do, so we don't get to go home, yet. For me, I trust His judgment way more than my own. The fact that I am still here means He has a job for me to do and He trusts I can do it. I believe my "job" or mission has to do with my family and what I do at Renova Reset, plus making a difference with veterans, first responders, and Battle Dawgs:

"Saving one [person] warrior does not change the world, but for that one [person] warrior, the world is forever changed"

That statement was inspired by God and with His help, I've been really good at dealing with life, making lemonade out of lemons, seeing the silver linings, and keeping on loving, trying, trusting, believing, and growing.

I know that Heaven keeps cheering us on today, tomorrow, and forever. No one in Heaven wants to see us fail. I believe that with all my heart. We weren't meant to fail - we were meant to soar.

But this last year pushed me to a place I've never been before. Sure, I've experienced massive amounts of adversity, but never to the point of wanting to quit, or give up. Never before would I stand down. Until now. Why was this time different?

Mom died. And I got hit in ALL areas or dimensions of life at the same time. I felt I was caught in settling-with-power or the ocean breakers. Every time I came up for air, another wave slammed over my head.


1. The Physical: Some old chronic dis-eases settled back in, and none of my 'tricks' of the wellness-trade would work. You know I love the Medical Medium and follow his information to the best of my ability and nag you to do the same. I totally trust his information, because I know the source. But all the celery juice and HBOT treatments in the world weren't helping get these physical ailments under control. Experience taught me it had to be more than just physical.

2. The Social/Emotional: I reframed, rethought, built new and better brain pathways in ways that work for my patients, veterans, and first responders - but wouldn't work for me. I was exhausted, discouraged, and not just standing down - I was falling down.

3. The Mental: Fatigue had a foot hold in my soul, and my brain was tired. It wouldn't think good thoughts, it just growled at me to stop trying.

4. The Spiritual: This is the most important dimension of life. We are not physical beings having spiritual experiences, we are spiritual beings having physical experiences. And even though I recognized that I was in trouble, and doing an overwhelm - I refused to give up on God. He didn't deserve to be given the credit on the mess I created - even if unknowingly.

The Spiritual Dimension of life bears further examination, because I'm sure if I had given up spiritually - I wouldn't be sitting here right now - in my beloved Alaska, starting to feel rejuvenated and trusting a full RESET. Writing this BLOG - admitting my DUMBS (the dumbs are believing I had done enough and deserved a break) and thanking you for loving me no matter what - no matter that I was crashing and burning.


In the meantime, BE WELL, BE SAFE, BE HAPPY. It's a jungle out there and sometimes the jungle is an inside job. If you know what I mean!

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