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Throughout history, people have fasted to draw closer to God. Something about going to the point of vulnerability reminds us that we are nothing, and He is everything. So, does food empower us to the point of thinking we are bigger, better, and smarter than we really are? I think food, especially the foods not designed for humans to thrive (not species-specific foods) – not whole, fresh, ripe, raw, organic plants – cloud so many things and prevent us from being the best we can be. Plus, they distract us from what is important because they cause us to feel bad and lead to chronic dis-ease. It’s difficult to be creative or have fun when we feel bad. Fasting removes the scum blocking clear thinking.

This is Day Eight without food. The past two days were not pretty, but today I feel great – like I never want to eat food again. Don't worry Mom, I will eat in a few days. Dr. Graham says that because of my age (old), I need to break the fast early, because recovery is more difficult, takes longer, and my next adventure here is to take a Culinary Un-cooking class to be able to prepare gourmet dishes for myself, and YOU.

So, enlightenment? Absolutely. If you want to feel closer to God – skip a couple of meals. See if angels don’t show up, rejoicing for your efforts. It’s a sight to see.


  1. Weight? I’m down twenty pounds. Seriously, TWENTY. How cool is that? Fat loss only comes at two pounds a week, so that is eighteen pounds of water loss and two pounds of fat loss. It’s okay though, I’ll take it.

  2. Skin? Silky and no longer blotchy. The old deep lines in my face are gone.

  3. Hair? Everyone is commenting on how good it looks, but it itches all the time. Annoying. Something is going on there. Oh, I know: It’s healing.

  4. Eyes? Sparkling, no dark circles, but still have a little discharge in the morning. A little burning still. But watering less.

  5. IBS? What’s that? My digestive tract seems not to be mad at me anymore.

  6. Sleep? Intermittent. I sleep for several hours, wake up, drink some water and fall back into a deep, refreshing sleep. This goes on all day.

  7. Food? Don’t want any, yet.

  8. Energy? Very little. Normal.

  9. Brain power? Off the chart. Clarity is expanding.

  10. Spirituality? Enlightenment and God are with me every minute. I feel His guidance and approval for this journey I am on, especially since I dedicate it to Him. New ideas for improving The Renova Center, my relationships, and my health in general are coming at warp speed. I see His hand in everything and I have no fear for the future.

I met a professional dancer yesterday. She dances with Pink Floyd. She is at the top of her game on the 80-10-10 diet and comes here every year to train with Dr. Doug Graham. There are several professional athletes who follow this diet and thrive in their field and lives in general. There are also many here, like unto myself, who just want to feel better and live happier. Whoever you are and whatever your reason – overcoming chronic dis-eases – do yourself a favor and check out the book “80-10-10” by Dr. Doug Graham. You won’t be sorry, and it could just make a big difference for you and your family – or it could just simply save your life.

See you on DAY NINE. Bon appetit.


It’s a Jungle Out There

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