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Need some good friends? The kind that will be there for you, no matter what? The kind that don't judge you and will last forever?


Because something amazing happens when you fast, besides healing the liver, heart, pancreas, brain, gallbladder, arms, legs, eyes, fingernails, hair, feet, hands, and you know, everything physical ... plus emotional healing takes place as well. Especially if you come to Dr. Graham's fasting retreat, because you will meet people/friends from all over the world. It's a miracle to behold on so many levels.

His staff is amazing enough - top chef's from yacht lines, restaurants, and award winning recipes. You may just get your vitals taken by one of these spectacular chefs. A talented lady who also went to college on a full athletic scholarship - and she listens to you complain about being bored, how many times you've pee'd and pooped, how much water you drank and how you are holding out. You have a long conversation about all the amazing food-dishes she creates that you can't eat - YET. You feel like you've known her forever and want to know her for the rest of our life.

Her boyfriend is here, fasting. A handsome, funny guy from Australia. He's going 14 days on his fast track to health. He's a boat captain and regales us with stories of pirates coming to rob his ships, and dangerous seas. You are shocked and surprised when one of his stories is about COINJOCK MARINA, in Norfolk Carolina - one of the favorite places to dine by Breck and I. It's a small world among boaters and fasters, it seems.

My companion fasters also include a Nurse - a Florence Nightengale who holds hands with her patients as they transition from this world to the next. She is stressed to the max from her job, and struggles to stay a raw, vegan so she's around a long time to hang out with her parents and help the many who are preparing to cross over. Making it less painful for them is her goal. She's young though, and is learning she must put her air-mask on first, before she can be of use to them. That's hard to learn for all us "do-gooders." She's very determined. I hope she hangs in there.

We support each other through all the ups and downs of fasting, the good, the bad and the ugly. Yes it sometimes get's ugly. We are on an emotional roller-coaster as well as a physical. Undoing the damage of our past bad eating and exercising habits - hurts. But it is so worth it and we listen to each other talk about how we got here in the first place and our plan to stick to a healthy lifestyle.

Then there's an amazingly handsome and quiet young man from Germany. He's endured some of the worst migraines over a long period of time, and could find nothing that helped or worked. Yesterday was his 13th day of fasting and his headaches were gone, but he is going to continue fasting another week. He is delightful to listen to stories of Germany and the experiences he has endured because of Hitler's crimes. Hitler didn't just take it out on the Jewish nation - he destroyed German families as well You never know what another person has been through and the saying, "Seek first to understand, then be understood," rings more true the older I get. One reason, I've learned to listen more and am humbled by the life stories of others. Everyone is a hero in my book

Last is the guy who checks on you in the evenings to make sure nothing was overlooked for you, during the day. He's a gentle giant, from Australia. He is soft spoken and a powerhouse of life experiences, determination, and dedication to this lifestyle similar to Dr. Graham. He doesn't just "walk-his-talk," he runs his talk. He is one of those crazy LONG distance runners (100+ miles at a time) who pushes himself from infinity to beyond. Literally. I cannot even comprehend because he is also a dad of boys who are over twenty-years-old and he does all this on the 80-10-10 diet - raw vegan. He speaks well of self-love and being careful not to eat anything that is harmful. He won't. He also travels around the world lecturing to others on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

There's also amazing stories from the Pink Floyd dancer here. She travels all over the world with this group, entertaining millions. These people extend their professional careers by using the 80-10-10 Lifestyle. They are believers because this works. They want to treat their bodies with kindness, love and respect. By feeding themselves with the best food designed for humans. Dr. Graham calls it WHOLE, FRESH, RIPE, RAW, ORGANIC PLANTS. I like to add if God made it - eat it; if man "improved it," by cooking it, or enriching it, stay far, far away. It won't just kill you over time, it will cause you to be very, very ill. We are here unpeeling the layers of dis-ease that man's food added on to our bodies to shorten our lives.

And then here sits Dr. Doug Graham, hovering over all of us like a mother hen. (Chickens are safe here - we are all vegans.) He lectures for hours, oversees the food preparation and leads the fitness classes. Who is this mild-mannered genius, who knows people all over the world? He's the guy who is awakened at 4:00 in the morning by a lady in Hungary whose husband is very sick. A friend told her to get in touch with Dr. Graham. If there was a chance, Dr. Graham is the only one.

Being here around like-minded individuals, who care about themselves and everything good is gratifying and rewarding. Do yourself a favor. Call Dr. Graham ( and do what he says. You might just get well - true wellness.


It's a Jungle Out There

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