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Have you seen the new Medical Medium books on "Brain Savers?" Each one is 600 plus pages. I've been reading them and the way I read is to follow along in the book with a lovely voice-Audible reader. It assures that I get the most out of the information since each book is about 25 hours of listening.

Road trip anyone? I could drive to Alaska and finish. That would be fun.

There is so much information in these brain saver books, my brain is spinning.

Anthony William is always honest. So much so that I worry about the "bad guys" trying to bump him off. Here's some of his information (that you should go read it for yourself):

"... viruses are not seen for what they are: biological warfare.

That's why we need to know, so we can heal ourselves: because getting help out there is not easy. The best that will happen now is leaving the doctor's office with a long-haul COVID or neurological Lyme diagnosis, whether that's backed up by a blood test or not. (Those of you familiar with the truth about Lyme disease are aware of what I mean here. For anyone new to the truth about Lyme, you'll read more about Lyme in Part V of this book,

"Your Pain and Suffering Enlightened," and you may also want to check out the updated edition of MedicalMedium.) Some functional specialty MDs who have picked up on Medical Medium information are starting to get one thing right: that COVID is reactivating the Epstein-Barr virus someone already has. They're still confused, ..."

"And these well-meaning practitioners are not necessarily following through and providing the right protocols. The COVID virus itself does not injure the vagus nerves. Instead, the COVID virus weakens a person's immune system, allowing EB to affect the vagus nerves.

(More about long-haul COVID in a moment.)"

and then

"How much ecstasy, ayahuasca, marijuana, psychedelic mushrooms, or acid (all of which are high in toxic heavy metals) has someone done? Is someone wounded emotionally, so that heat is always burning strong? Is the brain inflamed due to viruses inside the body? All these factors play a role in bringing brain heat to a higher temperature, and no one is in the safe zone unless they truly give their brain what it needs-what it really needs. Emotional healing is not just a mental state of being. It's the physical state of the physical brain.

Unfortunately, that information is missing from all the experts' talk about popular brain topics...."

So what is the truth? What does the brain and body really need?