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Day 1 - Journey

Good Morning. Welcome to "crazy-woman-101-challenge!"

I don't know about you, but I've been dreading this day to start my healthy, fit lifestyle. Emotions have been all over the place along with eating foods I don't even like - you know, the ones that kick your health to the curb? Make you swell up like a balloon and keep you from sleeping your best sleep and living your best life? Yikes.

I woke up this morning of Day 1 - with several appointments:

  1. Work out at Fitness Norfolk with May;

  2. Float for an hour at Float Norfolk by Jackie, and

  3. Start training for the August 28th dance recital with Ricardo - he's Italian!


  5. Play with the grandkids (best workout ever)

I can't wait to make Celery Juice this morning and live by the Medical Medium's 28-Day Cleanse. I didn't expect this to happen - that I would be excited about all this. I also can't wait to get to my daughter's house and help her today with her exceptional six children while her husband is deployed. They will be surprised to see Nana Gaga so happy and full of energy.

As I look in the mirror at this energetic old lady who must be delusional thinking she can do all this stuff and survive - I think: "who are you, old lady?" I smile back at the wrinkled face and say, "It's me! Hear me roar."

I'm extremely glad you are doing this health challenge with me. I couldn't do it without you. The feeling of determination is off the chart. We are off to a good start. Not every day will be like this, but for today - I'll take it.


PS Today I had a miracle. When I woke up, the tide was way out. My favorite, because I can run/walk on the beach on HARD sand. I ran a mile. It was a miracle. Fresh start.

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