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Day 12 - Journey of a 1000 Struggles

Good Morning Fellow Health Seekers

I hope your weight loss journey is going well?

Since we are traveling this road together, we have discovered that losing weight is not a destination. It's the journey that keeps on keeping off. Forever and ever. Amen. Have you noticed that as the pounds are released, emotions are stirred up? A pound of fat contains the storage of toxins - mental and physical. Detox produces a roller-coaster of emotions coming to the surface to be released. No fun.

We heard the term "muscle has memory," but have we thought about what that means? Memories are as real to the body as a punch in the stomach. Peeling off pounds reveals the emotional experience that took place when that fat globule was formed. It seems fat cells also have memory.

Experience tells us that "detox" causes unpleasant feelings - physical (obvious), mental exhaustion, and emotional challenges. As these feelings are stirred up, they often kick and scream as they are forcefully removed from their comfortable "abode," and in desperation throw out a strong desire to eat comfort food. If they can get us to do that, they can hang out longer. Plus the comfort food will generate more "fat-friends," for them.

I learned much about health and life while doing a 21-day water fast in Costa Rica with Dr. Doug Graham in 2007. With the passing of each day without food, not only was fat released but the memories associated with that particular fat surfaced. Ergo a roller coaster of emotions - mostly bad.

You can do things to help accelerate the fat and memory storage dissipation:

  1. Drink water - this will flush out the detox along with the memory;

  2. Drink celery juice - speeds up and heals the flushing process;

  3. Go for a walk, move;

  4. Listen to Whole Tones;

  5. Sit and do nothing - painfully slow way to flush. Good luck with that one. Not recommended, but experience taught me - many tend to take the hard road. Why? Habits are difficult to break especially if we do it slowly. Make it quick because quick is less painful.

Let's take the HIGH road - the road that works in the long haul. The road that flushes the struggles for good. Build new, better habits. Dr. Graham said, "Eat the foods that love you back." Isn't that a life lesson? Live the life that loves you back. Surround yourself with people and things that love you back.

Here's the plan that loves you back and will reward you with wellness, happiness and safety. You know it and have seen it every day as you walk this journey of peace and discovery with me:

And what to do in the afternoon? Hope you are following the Medical Medium's Day 2 of the Mono-Meal Cleanse. SEE Day 11 - Journey (yesterday) for the links. Or click here for Anthony's email instructions for Day 2 Mono Meals:

Day 2 Mono Eating Cleanse Challenge
Download DOCX • 16KB

We are rocking it! Now put this down and go make your CELERY JUICE and have fun today. BTW Could you make me some too? hahahaha. Just kidding. I'll do it. geez.

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