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Day 3 - Journey

Good Morning.

What do you think?

That it takes about a week to get into a groove then exercises and eating right are just automatic? We just have to hang on for 7 days, and this is day 3 ... so in 4 more days, we won't have to struggle as much?

I wish that were true, but then life would be a destination. If we could just get to the finish line and be done ... but Breck used to say that the alternative to life isn't acceptable because that was when you go on to your great reward. He fought hard to not go there. I was amazed at his tenacity and good spirits, no matter what.

I seem to be of the nature that kicks and screams all the way home. But as my mom used to say: "You never give up." We can't give up. We have to keep moving forward and laughing at ourselves all the way. It's easier and more fun if you can laugh at yourself.

I crack me up.

But we don't get to choose what happens to us - more often than not. We have full power and choice to decide how we respond to what happens to us, though. Today is one of those life experiences that no one chose, and we are all sad.

My daughter Dana's favorite dog - Copper - died last night. She was young and healthy and always happy to jump on you - knowing you would love that. No one knows why she died. Her abdomen was swollen, so we think it was a snake bite or a poisonous frog. All we know is she is gone, and the family is so very sad.

The weird thing is that I was asleep when the message came across my phone - but I didn't hear it because I was dreaming about being in Talkeetna with the Battle Dawgs. My family was visiting, even mom, who went on to her great reward two years ago.

Copper was there too - playing with my mom and me. At first, I didn't recognize her, because it didn't make sense she would be in Talkeetna. She looked so happy to be there, free, and was having so much fun romping around and running between mom and me.

It seemed this dream went on forever, when suddenly I was wide awake and wondered why that dream was so strong and clear. I don't think I've dreamed of mom since she passed, and again I pondered "why was Copper in Alaska?"

I automatically picked up my phone and saw Dana's sad message about Copper. The kids cried themselves to sleep, and one of those sweet grands doesn't want to talk about it. He doesn't want to hear anything sad.

I didn't run on the beach this morning - I didn't take my phone - I just splashed gently through the surf and waited for some guidance and comfort from my Father in Heaven. He never disappoints, but there is a numbness over life today - like when a good friend or loved ones leaves and goes to Heaven without us. It's a sad reality.

For Copper, Mom, and Breck, the journey is complete - at least as we know it. I wonder what the journey is when we get home? Mom looked young and full of energy. Copper was thrilled to be there.

I want to take the day off - stay home - and eat comfort food. But my journey is different now, and I have a goal. I want to complete my goal and hear from my Father, "well done, my good and faithful servant."

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