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Day 8 - Phat Journey

Good Afternoon Friends.

Yesterday was an interesting 4th of July, right? I love seeing all the flags, fireworks, and people having parties - families getting together. No masks at the stores ... normal God Bless America stuff. Except for the main-stream-media-BS ... but as usual, I don't listen to them. I haven't had a TV for over 25 years. I read somewhere once that the reason the Amish did not get COVID was because they don't have TV's. I believe it.

Today and tomorrow(s), we are back to the journey of releasing phat (code for F-A-T). Let's examine the rules or standards we are using to build muscle tone and slim down:

  • FIRST: The Morning Cleanse is an easy-peasy way to start the day by helping the liver complete last night's detox and cleanse.

  • Drink water with lime or lemon (16-32 ounces).

  • Drink celery juice (16-32 ounces) - nothing but celery juice (do not add apple, water, ACV (apple cider vinegar, nor anything else.

  • Eat only your body's fuel: critical clean carbs (CCC) until noon.

  • Eat NO fats until after 12:00 noon (even "healthy" ones): NO avocado, coconut, nuts, seeds, eggs, or oils.

  • For the rest of the day, REST your digestion by eating MONO-Meals: Banana (with optional lettuce), or Papaya (with optional lettuce), or Banana + papaya (with optional lettuce), or Steamed potatoes (with optional lettuce), or Steamed peas (with optional lettuce), or Steamed winter squash + steamed green beans, brussels sprouts, or asparagus (with optional lettuce) William, Anthony. Medical Medium Cleanse to Heal (p. 190). Hay House. Kindle Edition.

How Long to Eat Mono-Meals?

  • Great advice from Anthony William, The Medical Medium:

  • Try the Mono Eating Cleanse for a minimum of one week at a time.

  • You can also use it long-term as needed. For example, you may decide to continue the Mono Eating Cleanse for one to three months, six months, or even one to two years.

  • Determining how long to mono eat is a different process for everyone. It depends mainly on what condition you were in when you started and how much your body needed to heal.

  • Keep in mind, for example, that if you have inflammation in your digestive tract, whether it's in the stomach, duodenum, small intestine, or colon.

  • Remember, medical research and science and health professionals are unaware that this inflammation is caused by viruses, unproductive bacteria, and toxic heavy metals feeding them.

  • It's going to take time to kill off the bacteria and viruses and restore your gut linings while improving your hydrochloric acid and strengthening your liver's bile production.

  • While mono eating as a choice such as bananas can get you to that place of getting better eventually, it's not likely to happen overnight if you have a more severe condition.

  • On the other hand, many people with digestive problems do experience results overnight or at least within the first week.

  • Hang in there with mono eating, and don't get discouraged if you don't feel better from the start.

  • There's a lot of healing your body is doing behind the scenes, and the day is coming when you will start to see and feel the effects.

  • See you on the other side of PHAT.


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