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Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Several weeks ago, I ran away to Alaska because I had a dream. In the dream, I saw my house and Denali. The mighty mountain was crying. She said, "Come home." I booked a ticket and went home.

While living my dream in Talkeetna, Alaska, I got sick. What the heck? It had happened once before in Alaska in 2016. Back then, I became nauseous and dizzy. I had a couple of chiropractic adjustments, by Dr. Lisa, the Battle Dawgs healer. The funny part was I was entirely entertained by the feeling of being lightheaded, and actually enjoyed the experience. It went away as quickly as it had shown up. I forgot all about it since it never happened again—until now.

Last Monday, while eating dinner at a restaurant in Talkeetna, with my buddy Lynne, the room suddenly began to shake. I thought it was an earthquake, but no one else was shaking. I realized the earthquake was inside of me. It lasted a few moments: I was nauseous and dizzy. Nausea stopped when I stopped eating. The spinning stopped, and we drove home to Battle Dawgs Camp, without further incident.

I had a hard time sleeping that night as each time I closed my eyes; the room would spin. I couldn't sleep long enough to dream. In the morning, the dizziness was so intense; I couldn't stand or walk without staggering--like a drunken sailor. (No offense to sailors!)

What was it?

Those of you who know me, or have worked with me at Renova Reset, know I am not a fan of claiming a diagnosis. We all want to know what is wrong, but naming symptoms is buying into having that particular "dis-ease". It isn’t about denying the reality or possibility of a disease—it’s about not accepting it.

If my symptoms or "dis-ease" are labeled with a name, I say, "well, I'm not having that." Sooner than later—I don't. Why was this time different? Not being able to walk without stumbling was difficult to deny its existence, but I still found it entertaining as I sang, “What do you get with a drunken Sailor? Early in the morning.” Since I don’t drink, it was fun. But not being able to drive or hike was cramping my style.

Everyone was asking, "What is going on with you?"

I responded: "I have food poisoning, and it makes me nauseous and dizzy."

It shut them up because it satisfied them and stopped the progression of negative emotional worries. In order to heal oneself, the negative comments from self or others, will make it more difficult. Staying away from dwelling on the "dis-ease" will make this process less challenging.

The nausea finally went away (I really couldn't eat), and a label of “vertigo” snuck in. The source of vertigo felt mostly in my eyes. When I looked sideways, I had to catch myself not to topple over! I wondered what my eyes were trying to tell me? Before bed that night, I said a quick prayer to know the answer.

That night I had another dream. One that provided an answer about what my eyes were attempting to reveal:

They don’t like what they currently see in the world.

Well, duh? Who does? I went on a quest to discover what the heck I was supposed to do about this warning. I found this article which mimicked the exact experiences discovered in my clinic. BINGO:

Vertigo Healing: What's Your Mind Trying To Tell You?
"Sometimes, I love working with clients on metaphysical reasons for their healing. I understand not everyone is into this, and I skip past it with many. But those who jump into it with excitement heal on an intense level.
Louise Hay says that the emotional reason for vertigo is a history of flighty, scattered thinking, or a refusal to look at what's present and in front of you in life.
Michael J. Lincoln says that the emotional reason for vertigo is being overcome with scattered thoughts based on new information or outside opinions of your unique situation. Feeling overwhelmed, unsafe, and feeling like old helpful habits are no longer working also pop up in his book "Messages From The Body" under vertigo...
Asking for help and learning to accept what's in front of you right now in life can ... be a beneficial approach. My favorite, surprising, enlightening book for this is "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle. It is such a magically calming read."

Movies and books have always opened up my mind and heart to solutions to living a better life, realizing we don't need a new earth--we need to stop messing this one up.

I had another dream last night, which came after watching the movie "Field of Dreams." The movie's references to world problems in the 60’s was fascinating: Similar to what we are dealing with now—and there were heroes who led them out of the turmoil.

When I woke up from this dream--I knew what I had to do. I knew that if I “build it—they will come.” I need to inspire you to join me in a mission to heal and reset broken and disillusioned hearts. WOW.

How can this be done?

There was a post on Facebook a couple of days ago that asked the question: "If you could speak to God, what would you ask Him?" I knew in an instant:

"What can I do to help?"

The answer to my question was in that dream. It is simple and maybe even sounds a little silly, but is powerful. I'm going to tell you what it is in the next BLOG entitled:


See you then. In the meantime:


It's a jungle out there.

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