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KISS VI - The Renova Center

In previous "episodes" of KISS Blogs, we learned that there are two main focuses to the Art of Wellness

  1. The LIVER, and

  2. Pathogens.

We have also discussed how the Renova Center, we learn to keep it simple. Our 2000 plus current Public Safety employees, and veterans, their families and friends, teach us that people are stressed, sleepless, and often struggling with being sick and tired. We need quick fixes and long term plans that work. We need all the following centers, and tools to heal, energize, and repair. We love our service individuals and are blessed to serve those who serve us. We are the only facility in the country who gives back to those who give. This is who we are: Grateful individuals who care.









Reset for Life: Get your Full ZYTO Scan every 30-days with all your health information to show you how to balance yourself and be well. We know It's all about your liver and pathogens, and your scan will show you what is happening inside your body. Also, the Reset suites are where you will find the latest, up to date, technologies for healing and pain relief: WHOLE BODY VIBRATION, THE ROM, THE BEMER, PUSLED ELECTRO MAGNETIC THERAPY, SUPPLEMENTS, and education information.

FITNESS NORFOLK: Get your JUICE/WATER empowered energetically with the supplements your body needs/prefers and learn which fitness exercises your body prefers that day with a ZYTO Scan, in the gym. This is the only fitness center where your body reveals what to do. See and utilize the newest modalities - state-of-the-art equipment. We are always staying up on the newest and greatest machines/workout plans. Meet and work with our trained, professional personal trainers who guide you through your best workouts:

FLOAT NORFOLK: This is where you check in and check out for your appointments at Reset, Float, and Massage. Book your floats and float like there is no tomorrow. One hour in the float tank is equivalent to an hour's worth of REM sleep. The Renova Center did a research project with Switzerland several years ago for Fibromyalgia. The end result is that 90% of the participants, after floating ten times, no longer had Fibromyalgia. That was amazing. Float to your favorite music, or our proven whole tones. An hour of "me-time" where you won't be interrupted as you rest, relax, sleep, and/or heal. The Navy Seals have these float-pods on base and call them their "secret weapons." What do these well-trained men know that you don't know?

MASSAGE NORFOLK We've got your back with the most talented therapists in Norfolk and beyond. Release, relax, and unwind.

Since the beginning of humankind, loved ones have put a hand on each other for support. Massage is our oldest form of therapy, and it remains to this day one of the most powerful methods of healing. A quality 45-minute full-body massage will promote circulation throughout your body and help draw out toxins, especially from your liver. The massage is likely to boost your adrenal glands and kidneys, relax your heart, and ease tension. Ideally, drink two 16-ounce glasses of fresh lemon or lime water directly following your massage. This will optimize the detoxing benefits of your session. William, Anthony. Medical Medium (p. 263). Hay House. Kindle Edition.


There are thousands of people in Virginia struggling with weight loss. Most have tried just about everything with little long-term success. If you stop and think about it… is losing weight a one size fits all thing? At VitaLife Virginia we realize that every client is different, and we work hard to make sure you achieve the results you’re looking for using ZYTO technology - always going to the horse's mouth to find the scoop on what works for each individual. We know tht weight loss is all about the liver. This weight loss system, overseen by Zyto, utilizing a personal wellness coach trained in real-time liver information and Zyto and of course the Vitalife system will make sure you are successful in your weigh loss goals.

THE NATURAL PATH Cafe & Studio Only fresh juices and meals. We use the finest and freshest organic ingredients to create juice blends and meals to strengthen the body and clear the mind to perform at optimum health.achieve the results you’re looking for.

BATTLE DAWGS WHERE OUR NATION'S COMBAT VETERANS GO TO RESET. "Camp Battle Dawgs", our Alaska-based lodge, is situated on 640 pristine acres in the Alaskan wilderness. Along with our partnered remote outpost camps, warriors are able to relax, reset, and refocus. Our Programs Include: Outdoor-Rehabilitation // Camaraderie // Mentorship // Volunteerism // Leadership // Much more... Now also serving the East Coast through The Renova Center;


It's a Jungle Out There

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