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Dear RESET Family: You must recognize where this photo was taken? Many of you have sat in this room with me and we worked on your personal and private, sacred life experiences. We quickly and effortlessly changed perceptions about specific topics like health, relationships, work, or athletic performances—really any aspect of life. This room became a safe-haven as you discovered a whole new way of seeing traumatic events.

Have no fear

We aren't going anywhere - we just have to roll with some punches right now and find a new way to continue helping you be healthy.

Wow, can you believe what is happening in our world? It can be scary when you think about just how many areas of our lives have changed in the past weeks. I sometimes think if we don't all end up with post-traumatic stress over this, I'll be surprised!

As many of you are aware, Governor Northam has issued Executive Order 53 detailing the temporary closure of all nonessential businesses until April 24, 2020. In accordance with the Governor's mandatory order, we have temporarily closed Fitness Norfolk, Float Norfolk, and Massage Norfolk. We have also closed the main RESET office, with some small exceptions. We made this decision with a heavy heart, but we are committed to following the guidelines that the government is requiring of us for the safety of the community. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those affected by these recent events.

Since the Governor's announcement, we have received lots of messages; most of these are centered around two key questions: What is RESET doing for its Team and will RESET be extending the deadlines for all previously purchased gift cards, gift certificates, and memberships?

How is RESET taking care of its Team?

Since this epidemic arose, RESET has agreed to pay Team members who needed to be home for their previously scheduled shifts. RESET will also be extending its health care coverage for all eligible Team members through this period of uncertainty. Also, we are pleased to be able to safely continue some of our Team working, making improvements to our facilities, and preparing for new programs when the self-quarantine period is over.

Will RESET be extending the deadlines for all previously purchased items?

RESET will be pausing all expiration dates from March 1, moving forward for any memberships and packages bought in store. Due to low levels of staffing, to make future appointments or purchases, please email

What can I do for wellness during the closure?

Just because we are limiting our appointments, it doesn't mean we aren't here for you. We want you to know about this in case you need us – EVOX – reframe the experience. I tell you what … I've already been EVOXing on these recent experiences to help me stay balanced and healthy. During this time we will not have the BEMER, PEMF Therapy, T-ZONE Vibration Therapy, or ROM Workout available, unless it's an emergency. We will have the following wellness options available.

  1. At-Home Remote Wellness Scans: We can do REMOTE scans directly to your home! If you have a PC at home (not Apple), we can mail you a ZYTO scanner and EVOX headset (or you can come by for a no-contact pick-up at The Renova Center). Please email Allie at if you're interested in learning more about this option.

  2. In-Office Remote Wellness Scans: Our facility has a special room that was designed by Dr. Lambert Parker for patients who had a sensitivity to mold, viruses, pollen, and chemicals. This room has only purified air, so while you are doing your no-contact essential emotion and wellness scans, you will be sitting in a pure area. Our staff will be communicating with you via the computer, from a separate location. All handsets, furniture, and headsets will be sanitized between each use (or you're welcome to bring your own). If you think this option may apply to you, please contact Allie at

  3. LIMITED In-Office Scans: If you are experiencing a medical or mental health emergency, please call 9-1-1 immediately and seek help. If you are dealing with a personal emotional or family issue of an urgent nature, we can make arrangements to conduct an in-office scan if you are unable to participate in a remote scan. All customers and staff must maintain a six-foot distance, and we will continue to keep the scanner, headset, computer, desk, furniture completely sanitized before and after the session. If you think this option may apply to you, please contact Allie at


We've got your back, as usual. If you are struggling – reach out to us. We really miss seeing our members and our Team every day. While this epidemic is undoubtedly causing feelings of anxiety and fear in many, we know our RESET solutions are powerful ones, and we are determined to emerge even stronger once this crisis has passed.

If you need us, we are here for you; if not, we can't wait to see you again soon. Thank you for your continued trust and patience, and we look forward to the continuation of being your partners in fitness and wellness for many years to come.

PS If you are having any problems obtaining your Medical-Medium-Virus-Prevention products - let know. We stocked up. Don't forget to drink your celery juice everyday.



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