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Can we talk? There's something I find to be super annoying. It bothers me more than all the mumbo-jumbo on YouTube, Facebook, email, and even more than Fake News. Well, maybe not fake news - because in essence, it is fake news.

I wonder if it bothers you as well? You know those posts that have a catchy title and promise to grow your hair back, make you lose several pounds while you sleep and you don't even have to exercise or change what you eat?

They hook you by intriguing you regarding a topic you wondered about recently or had a private conversation over just yesterday. How do they know these things? Or are we all talking about the same subjects? I don't have Siri or Alexa and yet they still know about my interests.

What the heck?

Anyway, you get hooked and you push play. Then they never get to the point, or at least for a very long time. It takes much longer than I have the patience to sit there and listen. Seriously? Does this type of marketing work?

They say:

"Read this quickly because THEY are going to remove it soon." (Who are "they?")

"You must act quickly because supplies are going fast." (They even have a counter on the page that shows you "Diane from Australia is buying right now.")

"I just got out of the hospital - it's a miracle - and I weighed 300 pounds and all my organs had shut down. I never knew I was sick. But I'm supposed to tell you this secret, so I'm still alive. And did I mention my four year old found me on the floor and called 911?"

And then it goes on like this for about an hour or so it seems. I never know how long because I always quit listening. They spend a long time on their qualifications too. Their theories. And they want to give this miracle product away to us but if we act now, we can get a ten year supply for pennies.


Here's the good news. I'm cutting this short because short is what sells me. At Renova Reset we aren't trying to sell you anything but information to help you become healthy on your own without us. We hold your hand until you "got this."

In the beginning, we feel pure joy from the privilege of meeting you. When you walk in the door with wellness concerns, we scan your body to find out what your body prefers to do about its current state of dis-ease, then we help you remove blockages (some are physical, some are emotional). We show you where to find this information, and you leave a better you, and we are better for having experienced - you.

Most of you send your family and friends because you know the information we shared with you works. And then you come back for tweaks or assistance when or if you get knocked down again. Life has a way of knocking us down more than once.

Just know - WE LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOU. Your body has all the answers and we get to help you discover them through modern technology called 'energy medicine.'. Thanks for trusting us. This is a two-minute read. The purpose? Come see us and get a SCAN. It only takes about 15 minutes and you leave with a lifetime of answers.

It's a Jungle Out There

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