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Updated: Sep 18, 2020

I promised God many years ago - that I would stop the pain and suffering produced by a man-pervert who was ruining the lives of children in my family. It wasn't an easy mission, because I was one of his victims, but I'm happy to say - I kept that promise, and with God's help stopped this individual.

Now hearing about the current magnitude of abortions being allowed up to full term, lenient rape laws, indifference to children's rights, and the number of children and teens found in the disgusting sex-trafficking world - my promise to God has been renewed and expanded.

Simply put: I am not done.

There are three parts to this sex-trafficking problem:

  1. AWARENESS: Be aware of how to keep children from being kidnapped or abused. Be watchful and get involved. Be brave. Pray for the safety of our children - fight on your knees. And for the strength to fight for them - sometimes, hand-to-hand. Fight with your words. Be bold. Be loud. Be courageous. Innocent lives depend on you.

  2. RESCUE: Rescue those who were kidnapped or abused. This is generally done by highly skilled individuals performing sting operations - support them with money, prayers, and volunteering. Get involved in areas with whatever skills you have.*

  3. HEALING: Help these individuals recover from this experience. Check out what we do at with reframing and resetting. Therapy may take years because of the extreme abuse these little angels had to endure. EVOX can help the individual to reset and recover faster. Post-traumatic-stress is a given for these children; I can assure you of personal knowledge.

We all can help with the first part: The awareness. That's what I'm doing with this BLOG. I can shout from the rooftops to warn you and my loved ones there is danger lurking to harm our babies. Stay focused, stay aware. Check out what my dear friend Regina Marscheider is doing through her amazing organization:

*Regarding rescue missions, the second part: Most of us can't match the skill levels of the retired veterans and first responders' who are risking their lives, again. But we can help raise funds for them to continue doing what they do best. We've seen in the news lately there are many rescues taking place right now.

The third part? It takes an inordinate amount of time, energy, and money to help these kids heal. There are many amazing organizations filled with caring skilled individuals who are ready, willing, and able to help. There are parents who want to adopt them. Through Renova Reset, we have the skills to help the rescued individuals figure out how to live in our society with the scars and wounds inflicted by their slave-lords.

How do I know about healing? Because I lived it.

After eleven years (birth, on) of having survived the experience of sexual child abuse, I had to figure out how to recover. Over those years I was suffocated/murdered three times by this inhuman-being. I had near-death experiences of actually going "home" to heaven. I guess it was a blessing that I was sent back into the ring after a pep-talk from God, but I didn't want to go. I still went back three times. I was three, five, and eleven years old.

I can imagine what these other children have been through.

My mission was to stop this from happening. I was eventually successful in my family, but now look at our world. I had no idea my experience was just a "drop in the bucket" compared to what has been revealed as happening today. My heart is broken. But I'm also mad.

When I was eleven, we moved to Naples, Italy. Six thousand miles from "him," and for the first time in my life, I felt safe. I also was empowered because I had the terminology to communicate what had happened to me. The "enemy adults" had to listen. My mission cry was: "He will never touch me again, or one of us will die. And I don't care which one." Can you imagine an eleven-year-old saying those words? He never did touch me again. And I stopped him from hurting others.

Destroying and stopping "my" pervert was much easier than finding the ability to personally recover or reset myself. After these trials, I tried everything to get better. Every therapy known at that time was used. Each modality or treatment helped, but nothing worked to restore my ability to feel safe - or be happy. I was always fighting this deeply entrenched fear. It affected my health, my relationships, and my chosen career.

Of course, I went into law enforcement and then wellness.

My promise to myself and God to stop the transference of pain and suffering by the pervert against the children in my family and me - has recently transformed into another level for helping others outside my family. I need to help the rescued victims of sex-trafficking feel safe. They need to know this is even possible. If it worked for me, I know it can work for them.

How can they heal?

Renova Reset's skills of recovery allowed me to reset or reframe post-traumatic stress. It worked for me, and it works for our veterans and first-responders. It can work for your post-traumatic stresses from your experiences of trauma, and it can help the rescued children.

The primary modality at Renova Reset is called EVOX because it uses the voice to reframe painful experiences. This system can be instant and permanent. If you can change your perceptions of your experience, you can change your life. I did, and so have many warriors I work with.

"In the EVOX [system], a static perception can be reflected when speaking about a single topic multiple times that results in a Perception Index that is the same or similar. With the EVOX system, it is possible to quickly and painlessly shift, or reframe, perception at both a conscious and subconscious level. Perception reframing allows for a more mature or functional reality and can improve any aspect of life, including personal health, interpersonal relationships, and performance."


Last Saturday at Camp Battle Dawgs, I had a conversation with one of our Nation's most incredible military heroes - a combat veteran retired. When he told me about his civilian mission: To rescue women and children kidnapped in the sex trafficking world, I knew this was a sign from God that I wasn't done.

Both of us had teary eyes, speaking softly about this sacred and horrific situation. This hero's mission now is to bring about awareness to keep people from being part of this nightmare and rescue those already there. The subject matter was not the first I had had with warriors working on such a mission, but this was the first time I realized I am not done.

A year ago, I was introduced to a group of retired Navy Seals called "Operation Underground Railroad." ( These organizations are credited with saving hundreds of children from the slave-sex-trade:

"Even though slavery has been abolished for over 150 years in the US and over 200 years in many other locations around the world, remnants of this practice continue to this day in the form of human trafficking.
The United Nations has announced in their 2018 Global Report On Human Trafficking that nearly 25,000 human trafficking victims were detected and reported across 97 countries in 2016 alone, averaging at around 254 persons per country. This is outside of the millions that went missing without a trace.
What is more, 2019 was reported to be one of the grimmest years regarding human trafficking with numbers hitting record heights in the last 13 years.
However, hope is not lost as a team of former navy seals and police officers is stepping up to fight human trafficking in the United States. Saved In America is an anti-trafficking organization that aims to protect teenagers across the US from becoming victims of human trafficking."

1. Be Aware;

2. Rescue;

3. Heal.

My Promise: I'm Not Done and Neither Are You

This is a battle we must all fight together. The children cannot survive if we don't join in the battle. At Renova Reset, The Veteran Wellness Center of Hampton Roads, and The Battle Dawgs - many people have benefitted from EVOX for PTSD and Suicide. I did. So can you. Come in and see us, now. Feel better sooner than later. Bring the children. Every one is "home" with us. We are the SAFE PLACE.

PS There are other things EVOX can help with like reframing and removing harmful FAMILY PATTERNS. These are the things that affect us at a subconscious level - and we don't even know why we react the way we do. EVOX reframing is not expensive, you will be happy to see. In the meantime, know we really want you to

Be Well ~ Be Safe ~ Be Happy

It's a Jungle Out There

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