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The Truth About Being Happy

If you want to be happy

For the rest of your life ...

make an ugly woman your wife!

HAHAHAHAHAHA - ok, that's rude. But is it true? I think not, but it does make us smile, and being happy can often start with a smile.

If you know me, you know I'm not interested in finding band-aids. I want that word we aren't allowed to say: "cure." Band-aids are helpful for the short-term and can be life-saving, but cures are also life-saving, but long-term. Thanks to a Buck Owens song, we find hints of where to begin to be happy. Find something that makes you smile and then laugh out loud:

I searched the world over,

And thought I found true love.

You met another and

Phht! You were gone.

HAHAHAHAHA That cracks me up. However, I know from experience that losing a loved one to another doesn't make us happy. It hurts. Let's reflect on how that happened:

Let's say he wasn't the right person, and we should have chosen wisely.

How do we choose wisely? Is it just the luck of the draw? Hmmm

Have you ever successfully trained a puppy? Unconditional love and reward are the only way. Start with yourself. How do you unconditionally love yourself? Forgiveness is crucial. We cut ourselves some slack because we trust that we make honest mistakes. Start by giving others the same space, especially our significant others.

  1. Become wise

  2. How? Learn how to train a puppy.

  3. Understand that the puppy is teaching you to be a better person.

  4. Successful training a puppy means YOU and the puppy are:




Now you know everything about human relationships which has nothing to do with humans.

  1. Choose wisely with whom you spend your time.

  2. Love unconditionally (yourself and others)

  3. Forgive everyone

  4. Spend time practicing smiling



It's a Jungle Out There

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