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The Truth About Food

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

FOOD: Carbohydrates (Sugars/Glucose), Proteins, and Fats

In the last BLOG, we talked about The Truth About Health. We discussed how the old Food Pyramid is a terrible lie. This lie is told us by the massive Pharmaceutical Industry, so we will become and stay sick, therefore needing their products. Their vaccines are designed to cause cancers and other serious illnesses. Their medicines heal nothing, just palliate symptoms and cause other health issues, so you need more drugs, because they need more money.

This is a Lose-Win for us. We Lose. They Win.

Then we discussed why FRUIT is the best natural, living food on Planet Earth. We talked about how the word "fruit" is found in the Bible 253 times, which is enough for any prudent person to pay attention to the fact that our Maker tells us that fruit keeps a body good.

We also learned that Big Pharma has lied about everything that has to do with health, including fruit (carbs), which they say are harmful, while they claim proteins and fats are better. Why would they lie about this? Because they want more Money.

Follow the Money.

In this BLOG, we take a look at the rest-of-the-story and WHY fruit (carbs) are NOT the Bad-Guys; and WHY proteins and fats are NOT the good guys when it comes to pursuing vibrant and energetic proper health - without weight gain, and withholding aging.

To summarize this article written by Anthony William, and inspired by a Spirit of God; "Throughout the centuries, fruit has been known to be one of the most healing foods available to us on this planet...Many people have begun to fear fruit so much so that they avoid it altogether. This incredible deviation from our historical worship of fruit is due to the lies that originate from the very top of our health industries in both conventional and alternative health."

See What I Mean? Lies, lies, lies.

So if they lied to us about fruit, what kind of other lies have they told regarding fats and proteins? It's true - they didn't stop with just the fruit. When you understand the truth, you will understand and know more about why there are so many "mystery chronic illnesses," running around our world. It's not pretty, but you can handle the truth. For the sake of your health, and the health of your family, friends, and clients/patients - you have to get this together. BTW chronic dis-eases cause us to LINGER in the painful and sick mode. It's an ugly place to hang out, and doesn't have to be this way.

The Truth About Proteins and Fats


Are you ready for this? Can you handle it? Diabetes does not have to be in your life. I have faith in you that you can handle this and will be pleasantly surprised at how well you can become by knowing and practicing these truth bombs.

There is something that will fight chronic illness, including diabetes, like nobody's business. It's so simple, many people don't believe it. It's called "celery juice." Did you know that celery is an herb? It's the best healing herb on the planet. How do I know? Because I've experienced it and reversed so many dis-eases in myself and my clients/patients. Again, just read this article yourself. I cannot say it better than Anthony Williams, and he can't say it better than the Spirit who reveals these truths:


And Guess What? There's More Amazing Truths: Critical Clean Carbohydrates


Wait for it ... Wait for it ... WHOA! Here it comes: BOOM!

Next BLOG : The Truth About Aging

Be Well ~ Be Safe ~ Be Happy ~ It's a Jungle Out There

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