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First, if the germ theory was true - there would be no life on earth. Viruses and/or plagues would have killed everyone by now. So, why are there people who do not succumb? It is generally accepted, even by science, that some individuals have strong immune systems. Where does a strong immune system come from? Genetics? Luck? Magic? Maybe these contribute - but anyone can build a strong immune system. It just takes work.

I like to think of my immune system as my armor. I have a choice. I can put on my armor and protect myself from this battle called: LIFE. Or I can leave my life to chance.

What is armor?

Armor is prevention and begins with truth. How do we find truth in this brave-new-world we live in? We have access to computers and the ability to do our own research. But we have to weed through the hype - the lies, the theories, and the sales pitches. We've learned we cannot trust the media, nor most of the leaders we voted into power.

A childhood lesson rings truer than ever: "Don't believe anything you read and only half of what you see."

We have to find our way through the mirage of lies, hidden agendas, botched research, and guided ignorance. There are a few trusted sources such as lessons from the past - and discerning "real-deal" truth from current sources. But doing our due-diligence isn't easy and science doesn't have the answers. They just have theories, with agendas.

Heroes like Florence Nightingale from the past, stand out over time - when their information has been tried, tested, and found true. Improving personal hygiene habits has saved a lot of lives. A simple truth. One we can accomplish on our own. An easy way to put on the armor of prevention. Preventing di-eases.


Schools are closing, sports arenas/events, Disney, and Church meetings are canceled, traveling has become limited and heading towards being altogether stopped, grocery stores and drug stores are out of hand sanitizers and other germ-killing chemicals. It's scary as we watch the world go insane and realize the ability for our economy to crash in less than thirty days, due to fear tactics. All our perceived safety-nets ... gone.

We wonder how to protect our families and ourselves? We are being warned to wash our hands, don't touch our faces, and to build our immune systems. What? Is any of this stuff new news? It is new to hear the medical system recommending what the alternative field has been saying all along.

My Church has been warning its members from the beginning to be prepared, put on the armor of God, and have a years supply of food and supplies on hand for emergencies. We just witnessed how fast even online stores can run out of food and supplies. Seems someone knew what they were talking about. Let's hope some of us actually listened, and do not have to fear.

Many people believe the recent virus scare, the Coronavirus - has to do with the media trying to shut down America. Whether this is true or not, we do need to know how to protect ourselves. We cannot rely on the media or the majority of our leaders to protect us, or even tell us any truths. It's impossible to get the truth. We have no trusted resources. I think that's why the big scare. Who can we believe? Better to be safe than sorry.

From the past, we are reminded of Florence Nightingale's messages of hygiene: To wash our hands and keep our bodies and homes clean. In modern times - now, we've heard from Anthony William, The Medical Medium - the modern-day Edgar Casey - to protect our lives by killing or avoiding viruses. How? By building the immune system. This starts with healing the liver.

The immune system, through the liver, is our first line of defense against viruses. The liver is our best friend. "If the liver ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." Anthony William tells us how to safely and effectively kill viruses. The good news is the same thing that kills viruses - builds our immune system and vice versa. Strong immune system equals a healthy liver - and protects us against viruses.

It's a simple message that Anthony has been repeating over and over and over. In every one of his books, articles, talks, and health-readings - we read or hear the warnings about viruses. Every single dis-ease can be traced back to viruses.

Anthony William has a new book coming out in May, 2020, called "Cleanse to Heal." It's all about viruses. As a Medical Medium, he had to see this crisis coming. Those of us who listened - are prepared. We are safe. He was Paul Revere - shouting "the viruses are coming." All we have to do is respond.


So, how do we keep from getting sick, or how do we become well enough to not be caught up in the dangers or hype cased by the media and more particularly - the Coronavirus - or any other virus, for that matter? Easy peasy.

1. Drink Celery Juice: 16 ounces everyday - it kills viruses, among doing many other wonderful things, such as heal the liver, and other organs - even the brain. Drinking celery juice is like having a blood transfusion, we are told. So stop complaining about celery juice. Too bad if you don't like the taste, or it's just too much work. Just do it. If you won't do it for yourself, at least do it for your family. Little children love it. They'll love it more if you lose the attitude. See

2. Drink the Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie: everyday - it removes the foods that feed viruses - such as heavy metals. It feeds the body with the healing manna of frozen blue berries. Use this recipe for safety. Killing or removing the foods that feed viruses keeps them from growing. Most people don't complain about this smoothie. It tastes great. The best place to buy the products: A little more expensive, but worth it.

~ 2 Bananas (organic if possible)

~ 2 cups Frozen Wild Blueberries (best from Maine)

~ 1 cup Cilantro (organic if possible)

~ 1 cup Orange Juice (fresh best or Lakewood brand: organic/not from concentrate)

~ 1 tsp Barley Grass Juice Powder (

~ 1 tsp Spirulina Powder (

~ 1 small handful of Maine Coast Sea Vegetables Dulse Flakes (

~ Water to blend or Coconut Water

3. Avoid foods that feed viruses: Just get over it. It's time to get-real, and stop whining about giving up your favorite toxic foods. Do you want to be healthy or not? Do you want to be safe, or not? Stop eating these foods now: Milk, cheese, butter, whey protein powder, yogurt, and all other dairy products, as well as eggs, gluten, corn, soy, pork products, nutritional yeast, canola oil, natural flavors, vinegar, and fermented foods. If you want to know why these are the favorite foods for viruses, you should read the book: "Liver Rescue." Either way - just stop eating them.

4. Use products that kill germs: Inside the body and outside. Sovereign Silver is a miracle worker. It comes in a spray, gel, or liquid. Always have it on hand. It is safe for all ages. The FDA threatened to take this product off the market and Whole Foods was told to stop carrying it. Because so many of us protested, you can still buy it. If some day, the FDA is successful in pulling this natural miracle/anti-biotic off the market - there are machines we can purchase to make our own colloidal silver.

SHOCK THERAPY - Get over the flu once and for all.


I wonder how Florence Nightingale would handle the current situation our world now finds itself in, with the Coronavirus? What can we learn from this amazing woman, way ahead of her time, and yet, it seems she was also ahead of our time. Her cure for dis-eases, suffering, and deaths?


She was called "The Lady With The Lamp," and became famous after she and a small team of nurses traveled to Istanbul to treat British soldiers wounded in the Crimean War. Ten times more soldiers died from illnesses - viruses, rather than from battle wounds. Nightingale believed that the death rates were due to poor nutrition, lack of supplies, stale air, and overworking of the soldiers. She forced physicians to wash their hands, open the windows of the hospital to let in the fresh air, and wash the clothes and bandages of the patients.

Consequently, her efforts drastically reduced the number of deaths in war and also the peacetime deaths in the army. She then turned her attention to the sanitary design of hospitals and the introduction of sanitation in working-class homes. Yeah for us.



  1. Drink foods that kill viruses: Foods that destroy their foods.

  2. Don't eat foods that feed viruses.

  3. Stay clean and kill germs with colloidal silver.

  4. At the first sign of cold or flu symptoms: Use the Vitamin C and/or Zinc Shock Therapies.

  5. Download the Medical Medium's FREE Virus Report. Then do what he says. Teach your family by example. The Coronavirus was a test by ??? to control or harm. Next time be prepared so you won't fear.

PS Since I started testing the information offered by The Medical Medium, I won't eat anything until I've had my celery juice in the morning, because it needs to be taken on an empty stomach. Then I don't eat anything FAT until after noon, because I love my liver and fats hurt it. The results? I love how I'm feeling. I love how I have no worries of viruses or other dis-eases. You can have this freedom and fearlessness as well. It's simple - not easy - but worth it. Get started today.

PSS Oh, and BTW. If you had or still have boob-ticking-time-bombs (breast implants), it's even more important that you follow the five (5) points above. Boob-bombs are filled with heavy metals loved by viruses. Did you get a clue, yet? We care.



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