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I’m in Heaven. It’s pouring down rain in Sedro Woolley, WA. Is that not the coolest thing? My window is open and I’m listening to the rain fall on the metal roof. I’ve been watching movies while I rest and heal. My favorite is Letters to Juliet. It’s lovely.

Those of you who are joining me through this water-fasting adventure, know that we are going without food for as long as necessary to heal and feel great again. This could take anywhere between ten to fourteen days. My first long supervised fast was in Costa Rica in 2007. It was 21 days. I don’t have as much going on this time as then – which was right after my sweetheart, Breck, died. This time, I’m just healing from stress, bad food choices, and trying to do too much too often. It’s amazing to rest from everything for a while.

How do you know when to break a fast? When is enough, enough?

Good Question! Basically, when the symptoms have cleared up – that’s enough. And they do clear up in record speed. It took me 68 years to cause these symptoms, and only seven-ish days to get rid of them. Pretty good numbers, right? I wonder if that’s why they call it a “fast?” Fast-track to wellness. I love it.

Recovering from a fast takes the same amount of time as the fast. If you fast for seven days, be prepared to break the fast around seven days with mostly fruit – which is manna for we human-beings. I’m looking forward to that, but not in a hurry. I mean, how often do we get to lay in bed and sleep, sleep, sleep? NEVER. Unless we are comatose in a hospital, and I’m not a fan of that program. That’s not rest – that’s survival.

This is the best vacation I’ve had in … 12 years, since the last fast. What’s going on - on DAY SIX?


  1. Six days without food

  2. Feeling wonderful – so needed this rest

  3. Resting and sleeping off and on throughout the day and night

  4. Drinking water is satiating and still no desire to eat food, even thinking about food turns me off

  5. Love my body with less weight – now down 12 pounds

  6. Listening to the rain outside

  7. Spirituality is at an all-time high

  8. Feeling gratitude for everything

  9. Clarity of mind is off the chart

  10. Dark circles under my eyes are gone

  11. My skin is clearer and more supple

  12. My nails are stronger and longer

  13. I’m calmer and nicer – feeling no need to defend myself on any level – fears have dissolved

  14. The long-term, annoying, chronic cough is almost gone

  15. IBS has calmed down – kidneys are aching/adrenals healing

  16. Still feeling some mucus in my throat and sinuses – I will fast for a few more days

  17. My eyes are still burning a little, but SO MUCH BETTER

  18. I love healing!

  19. SEE YOU ON DAY SEVEN – tomorrow

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