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This is DAY FIVE of breaking my 11/12-Day FAST. I worked hard today to introduce physical fitness back into my life. Waking up those muscles hurts physically, but emotionally I'm excited to MOVE with PURPOSE, again. Every day I'm feeling stronger and more determined not to return to the things that hurt me. I'm beginning to understand better, when Dr. Doug Graham said: "Love the things that love you back," Who loves me back? My Father in Heaven, certain people, WHOLE, FRESH, RIPE, RAW, ORGANIC PLANTS and my TEAM. "WAKE UP TEAM," I now happily shout. My muscles are on my TEAM! I'm in love with my TEAM.

It's difficult to be FIT when you don't feel good, because you are over-weight or feeling the consequences of being dis-eased. We all know this to be true, because we've experienced it - being FIT feels great. We look great, we have less pain, and we normally don't crave, nor are interested in the addictions that plague us when we are over-tired, stressed out, and do not allow recovery time.


One of the really cool things about a fast, is that it dissolves a lot of old sins. Unfortunately, we don't get to pick and choose which ones it dissolves first. We are not the boss of this process. Neither are the physicians or scientists who tell you they are.

It would stand to reason that the body's intelligence would go after the worst sin first, but it could also be taking care of the last one in. Each dis-ease develops symptoms, warnings, hints or red flags, desperately telling us to slow down, fly right, or in general "STOP IT," before "IT" becomes more difficult to heal, or until it hurts us back - maybe even permanently.

So, during the fast, when I had nothing to do but rest - while my body was working harder than will ever be known - I liked to fantasize that my body and I were collaborating on what needed to be done. This is a total fantasy, because my body does not need my interference or what I like to think of as assistance.

What my body does need from me is to stop consuming enemies to make more trouble. Lead, follow, or get the heck out of the way is the best plan available when it comes to health, but leading isn't really our forte. The experts have confused us on what is "truth"- intentionally. Don't believe me? Well, truth becomes crystal-clear when you follow the money. Until then, science will have you so confused and scared, you start believing the lies. Like, "coffee is good for you." Seriously, you know it isn't. Drink it if you want, but you know it's a stimulant and you know stimulants do not foster health. DUH.

So what's the point? Laying down for two weeks, watching and feeling my body work harder than ever has been an eye opener. I get in the way of wellness. How do I get out of the way, stop causing problems, and give into health and wellness? I thought you would never ask, because it's really quite simple, and something you already know:

  1. Stop consuming harmful substances and un-foods. DUH!

  2. Exercise more - play more - do it in the sunshine and fresh air, more. ANOTHER DUH!

  3. Work hard especially at your relationships. Your children want to play with you. DUH! Just take a few seconds, and look at their faces. YOU are their hero.

  4. Think about being grateful - change if you need to - become nicer. Affirmations help.

  5. Read and watch truth. Work to recognize it. Find your discernment power. It's there, but gets flipped OFF. Use Prayer/meditation to flip the switch back to ON.

  6. FAST and PRAYER? You decide if you can make and stick to life-style changes on your own or if you'd like/need some help.

Do something good for yourself, as well as your family, and your world. Dear Lord: Please help the bad people be good and the good people easier to live with. In the meantime, laugh.


It's a Jungle Out There

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