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Kids Know How and When to Reset

Do you feel like this after you eat? A food-coma? You might want to consider a fast.

  1. Fasting is about resting and helps keep you healthful and youthful.

  2. Fasting is a safe and effective way for the body to detox itself.

  3. Fasting can reverse the aging process.

  4. Fasting has been proven through history as beneficial for physical, mental, and spiritual rejuvenation.

  5. Fasting releases the physician within.

  6. Fasting causes quick weight loss – your waistline is your lifeline and DATELINE.

  7. Throughout history great men have fasted: Jesus, Apostle Paul, Daniel, Elijah, Ezra, Esther, Job, David, Deborah, Isaiah, Hannah, Zachariah, John Calvin, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, John Knox, John Wesley, David Brainard, George Muller, Jack LaLanne, Paul Bragg, Herbert Shelton, T.C.Fry, and Doug Graham.

  8. “The freedom and ease your experience during fasting enables you to discover new, undreamed of depths to the meaning of life.” ~Herbert Shelton

  9. Fasting awakens the mind and soul.

  10. Longevity is the longest life we can attain by living a healthy lifestyle.

  11. Fasting helps us prevent becoming a financial burden on our loved ones.

  12. “Every patient carries his own doctor inside.” ~Albert Schweitzer, MD, Pioneer Medical Missionary

  13. Sickness is a crime against your body; Jesus called it a sin.

  14. Fasting makes us strong: “Who is strong? He that can conquer his bad habits.” ~Ben Franklin

  15. We live in a toxic and poisoned world. Fasting can level the playing field.

  16. Our bodies need to be nurtured, guarded, loved, and treasured. Then it will thrive.

  17. Fasting is the key to internal purification.

  18. Fasting flushes deadly poisons from the body.

  19. Fast – the miracles are within you.

  20. Fasting – does a body good.

I knew a fast was in order for me when nothing looked good to eat. Not even my toxic, old junk food: Potato Chips. Besides, I’m sad that most potato chips are now fried in Canola Oil. Seriously? Don’t eat anything with canola oil in it, unless you are interested in having brain problems, such as Dementia and Alzheimer's.

I knew a fast was in order when everything and anything I ate caused my abdomen to puff up. Something was wrong in Denmark – and I was dealing with symptoms that were not pleasant, such as when I took this aging test. I discovered I was aging at warp speed and something had to give:

  1. Is everything you do a big effort?

  2. Have you started to lose your skin tone? Your muscle tone? Your energy? Your hair?

  3. Do small things irritate you? Are you forgetful? Confused?

  4. Is your elimination sluggish?

  5. Do you have allergies? Joint pains?

  6. Do your feet hurt?

  7. Do you have aches and pains?

  8. Do you get out of breath when you run or climb stairs?

  9. How limber is your back and body?

  10. How well do you adjust to cold and heat?

  11. Are you healthy and happy?

  12. Are you slipping and not quite feeling like yourself anymore?

If you answered YES to these questions, then you and I are in the same boat. I answered YES to most. We need to change. “To be or not to be fasting?” This was a no-brainer.


  1. My skin is smoother and less spotted.

  2. My eyes are not as puffy and they sting/itch less.

  3. My abdomen is flat – seriously, it is FLAT.

  4. IBS isn’t an issue – I can wear white pants again.

  5. I’m weak from lack of food, but I’m sleeping – a lot. Deep, purifying, heavenly sleep.

  6. My gums are not bleeding.

  7. I rarely cough.

  8. My feet do not hurt anymore.

  9. I have clarity of mind, again.

  10. I’m not grumpy or short tempered – I’m feeling better.

WHAT THE HECK? All this from only three days of water-fasting? YUP. Can’t wait to see what my body does next. I don’t know what you call a miracle – but I’m feeling pretty good about fasting being a real-live miracle. To be or not to be FASTING? Oh, heck yeah.


It’s a Jungle Out There – and More Importantly – It’s a Jungle IN Us

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